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Fall Madly In Love With Love Light Lips

Love Light Lips

Love Light Lips glosses

Whether you are a rookie in the beauty field, a beauty expert, a beauty professional, or someone who knows that a good lip color must always be on hand, we can relate. Lip colors are no stranger to us, so our Experts here at MyTopFace know just what the pros, cons, and struggles are of anything lip-related. Love Light Lips took our lip struggles and threw them out the window.

Love Light Lips cosmetics

Their Glosses come in five different shades, the five being “Rapture”, “Joy”, “Grace”, “Peace”, and “Bliss”. These Glosses have a mirror attached to the outside of the tube which you can face to yourself when applying your Gloss. The easy-press button on the cap of the tube pushes on the LED light which is bright enough to help you out in the day time, and even more so in the night time. Whether you are at a glamorous event, a photo-shoot, the salon, a lounge, a club, or out on the town for a girl’s night out, this light is the perfect help when gliding your Lip Gloss on!

Love Light Lips Rapture

Love Light Lips in “Rapture” is a pretty tangerine color. A slight reddish-orange undertone has this Lip Color looking amazing on every skin tone.

Love Light Lips Joy

A color slightly similar to the one above, Love Light Lips in “Joy” is a very light, glittery shade. You can either wear this Gloss alone as a base or put on top of a full lip shade for some extra spunk in your glam look.

Love light Lips Grace

Love Light Lips in “Grace“, one of our favorites of the bunch, is super velvety on the lips, gliding on super smooth. This color is similar to a light mauve color, and can best be complimented with a nude color-based attire. Whether you apply a full glam face or a simple nude, day look, this color works well with both looks.

Love Light Lips Peace

Love Light Lips in “Peace” had our expert feeling like a barbie. This pink is the most perfect soft pink. The shimmer incorporated into the color will glisten during your all day wear. This Gloss is definitely a compliment magnet.

Love Light Lips Bliss

Love Light Lips in “Bliss” is a very subtle shade whether you are over-dressed or under-dressed. Also a perfect shade when you are quick out the door or spending an entire night out with some friends.

Each Gloss also has the smell of a hint of mint, making the wear pleasant as the smell of mint is refreshing. You can keep all five Glosses in your bag so you are always stocked and prepared for the night. Try mixing and matching, or even sharing your fav Lippies with your girls! Use our glamour code “TOP20” for 20% off your order!

Love Light Lips Gloss

While your gloss is poppin’ and your outfit is on point, make sure to catch a selfie! Special thank you to Scarlet & Gold for the Phone Cases. Our selfies are taken with so much more ease with these lightweight, thin cases. Lastly, thank you to The Kript for the stylish Diamond Sunglasses!

If you are loving your new Glosses but are unsure of what looks to complete with them, check out our Expert as he fabulously demonstrates How to over-line your lips, yet making them look natural, with Love Light Lips Lip Glosses Makeup Tutorial.


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