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Fantastic New Pedicure Treatment

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Who doesn’t love getting a pedicure, and here at MyTopFace, we’re always up for a new and adventurous treatment that we’ve never heard of. So imagine our surprise when we walked into Element Beauty Lounge based in Ditmas Park, New York, to discover that not only do they have all the regular pedicure treatments that we love, but they had something completely unique that we had never experienced before.  Appropriately named Element Feet, this treatment uses a number of interesting and unusual procedures, to get your toes, feet, ankles and legs feeling completely rejuvenated and refreshed.


Now, this interesting ‘Element Feet’ Treatment has five very intricate, but basic steps to it, and we’ve documented exactly how it goes down!

  1.   First, milk is mixed into your footbath at the beginning of the treatment.


  1. Next, your calluses are treated with a callus eliminator crème, and then buffed off for a more effective result.


  1.  What follows next, is a combination of a Vitamin E Oil mixed in with a silk based mask, which is then placed on your skin, they then wrap your legs and paraffin is applied, followed by some uber comfy thermal boots. Your legs are kept like this for about 10 minutes. 



  1. Next, they remove the mask in a rinse using a delicious smelling coffee scrub. This scrub helps get rid of any dead skin cells you may have and detoxifies the skin.


  1. Finally, you get to the best part of the entire treatment, being pampered with a lavender oil foot massage for 10 lush minutes, followed by a very skilled polish. 

IMG_7382 (1)

This unique, unusual and almost strange pedicure treatment is proof that wild and wacky treatments don’t always need to be treated with scepticism, our legs and feet felt AMAZING after getting this quirky pedicure treatment.


Here at MyTopFace we’re all about finding the new, unusual and utterly unique beauty trends out there, and this Element Feet  treatment, definitely marks on our list of out-there, but totally worth it treatments to try out, at least once. We believe that having a slight sense of adventure when it comes to finding ‘one-of-a-kind’ treatments and experiences in the beauty world, is an absolute must. Explore beauty Salons in your area, and see what other unique and different services are out there that you’ve never tried before. You’ll most likely be surprised at the wonder treatments that you can find in the diversity of a city.

Special thanks to: Element Beauty Lounge for letting us document our experience.



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