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Fat And The Moon – Self Care Bath Soak & Calm Kid Mist

We all need to relax after a stressed day! Sometimes it’s really impossible to find time for yourself but we all should! Today our MyTopFace expert has tried new product Self Care Bath Soak from Fat and The Moon.

The brand Fat and The Moon produce a range of handcrafted, herbal body care products, from lip balm to bath soak. Founder of the brand Rachel Budde is working to provide organic alternatives to chemical products.

We chose to test and review two products for a bath to enhance relaxation before sleep time and take bathing to a new depths. The first product called Self Care Bath Soak and the other is Calm Kid Bath.

Fat And The Moon Bath Soak Self Care

Fat and The Moon provides three different bath soaks, Under the Weather – for those who are sick, it consists of healthy ingredients such as eucalyptus and different oils that help to soothe cold and flu and help to get back on your feet faster. Soothe Bath Soak – for those with skin inflammation and other issues like eczema, the soak helps to chill the skin and take off the itchy effects and get skin back to normal. Our expert chose Self Care Bath Soak to enhance her daily bath routine and share her experience with you.

The products have an unusual design, in comparison to other products that try to attract an eye with bright colors and glitter, Fat and The Moon packaging look like magic potions.

Fat And The Moon Self Care Bath Soak

The Self Care Bath Soak has a bottle with a ‘sift’ & ‘pour’ options, yes – like salt or pepper, which allows you to choose an amount of product you want to use for your bath. We found it very helpful as we all have different bathtubs where each will require a different amount of product. The expert had a specific concern about how the soak will dissolve in the water, as most of the time the product does not dissolve unless you ‘help it’ or you end up sitting on the pile of a crumb-like mixture. Surprisingly, the soak dissolved in the water within seconds making the water look milky. It literally disappears, no need to wait or stir the water – just sit and relax! Self Care has a soothing lavender smell and leaves skin silky, so expert decided to spend extra 15 minutes to soak. As an option, after taking bath you may use a scrub, our expert used Sighs Coffee Body Scrub.

In addition, to soak, it was decided to test the Kid mist product as we want to give some attention to kids (and their parents). Our expert was very interested in the Calm Kid Mist as in order to have a relaxing bath she needs to put her kids to sleep first – so the product was requested.

The mist is another potion from Rachel’s cauldron – it is made of California poppy, lavender, and lemon balm, that works as relaxing aromatherapy, helping babies to calm before sleep. According to the description – this magic potion for kids is dulling sharp reactions and cooling out tempers and fears.

Fat And The Moon Calm Kid Mist

The expert wanted to use the potion for all babies food, but Fat and The Moon strictly notices: do not spray in the kid face (or make them drink it), simply mist it on the pillow. The expert reported: it took less time to put babies to sleep and it was more time to relax in a bath.

The mist has a mild smell of lavender and lemon, just powerful enough to make you relax, without being too strong and smelly. It is not sticky and fully gone by morning, so you can mist again next day without washing.

It is a great product for every kid and it’s promoting health, as we know: healthy sleep – healthy life and what can be more important for a parent as healthy kid.

MyTopFace is extremely happy with the result from Fat and The Moon products and looking forward providing you more reviews about their potions in the future!


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