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Feel Fresh From Head To Toe With Zatik Natural Skin Products

Zatik Orange & Vetiver Deodorant

Our MyTopFace experts tried the natural skin line of products by Zatik and walked away feeling fresh and clean, from head to toe.

According to the website, “Zatik is a ladybug, an insect that symbolizes beauty and good fortune. Through its natural activity the tiny ladybug protects plants from harm, allowing them to thrive organically. Zatik products strive to emulate the ladybug’s gentle power. Zatik beauty products are created in Glendale, California without mass production; using fresh raw botanicals cultivated along the pacific coast, on USDA-certified organic farms without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs).”

Zatik strives to preserve the earth by only using botanicals from bio-renewable sources, such as pure essential oils, plant and seed cold pressed oils, natural antioxidants, herbs and food-based ingredients. All beauty care products are handmade and shipped fresh to stores and online venues upon request.

Zatik Jasmine Wildcherry shampoo and Maca Tonic Hair Creme conditionerThe soothing Zatik Jasmine Wildcherry Shampoo is paired perfectly with a softening Meca conditioner for a balanced, soft and sweet smelling combination in the shower. The natural elements of the products leave your scalp soothed and your hair silky. Upon drying off, don’t forget to roll on some Orange and Vetiver Deodorant. This not only smells great all day long but feels great on your skin. The pleasant scent of fresh citrus helps to neutralize the skin odor without clogging the pores.

zatik seabuck thornsoapThe handcrafted Zatik Sea-Buckthorn and Apricot Soap Bar cleanses and moisturizes the skin, leaving it silky and satisfied when you step out of the shower.


gingko pumpkin creme zatik

Next we used the Zatik Ginkgo and Pumpkin firming creme. Applying just a dab to the face helps moisturize and soften the skin while the rich creamy formula nurtures skin with plant nutrients; minimizing puffy & saggy skin appearance. Made from a blend of organic herbs, phytonutrients-rich plant extracts, bio-minerals rich raw pumpkin & rosehip oils and floral essential oils that help to soften and tighten the maturing skin while providing deep hydration. It almost feels like a spa treatment at home! Speaking of Spas, check out how Marlene made her mark with Marlene Weber day spa. But continuing on with your own at home spa treatment…

dragons blood zatikThe Zatik Dragon’s Blood cleansing facial wash is perfect for everyday use. Wash away the worries in the AM and the PM, leaving your skin refreshed and clean. This mixture includes a blend of herbal extracts, essential oils, succulents and tannin rich Dragoon’s blood – tree sap that help loosen & cleanse the face from impurity build-up (i.e. dirt, make-up, pollutants). Minimizes the appearance of discoloration and balances skin tone.

sea buckthorn zatikFollow the facial wash with a moisturizer like Zatik Sea-Buckthorn Apricot and you have a perfect beginning or end to your day, as this product can be used in both the AM and PM. Formulated with a blend of concentrated organic herb, flower and fruit extracts and unique blend of omega-3 and omega-7 containing oils.  Added succulents that nurture soften and soothe the sensitive skin.  Delivers deep hydration while leaving the skin without greasy feel. This emollient softens appearing facial lines.

camomile facial mistThe Zatik Chamomile and Blue Cornflower facial mist was a favorite of ours. Spritz it on a few times a day and it hydrates and refreshes your skin in seconds. Formulated with organic herbs, flower extracts, essential oils, succulents and hydrosols offer daily hydration. Naturally balances delicate skin oil levels while soothing and softening the face. This facial mist delivers moisture and hydration.

Zatik’s products were refreshing and revitalizing from head to toe, leaving our experts feeling as if they had spent the day at the spa… but from home!


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