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Fight Hair Loss using Xcellerate 35


Hair loss has become such a big problem the past few years. Not all solutions work for everyone. Our MyTopFace Beauty Experts Team have recently discovered Xcellerate 35. 35 ingredients that work together to create a formula that aids in hair loss.

Hair follicles have their own life cycle that changes with age, diseases, and other factors. Hair Follicle’s life cycle is split into three phases. Anagen is actives growth and is about 6 years long. Catagen is transitional growth that lasts about three weeks. The last stage is called Telogen and lasts about three months. Once the cycle is complete, the hair falls off and a new hair starts to grow and take its place. There are numerous of things that cause hair loss. Alopecia is a hair loss disease that comes in different forms. Pregnancy, stress, lack of protein and even too much vitamin A can cause the loss of hair. Men mostly develop pattern hair loss. It’s caused by a combination of genes and sex hormones and usually, starts at age 60. When females get pattern hair loss it’s usually hereditary. Another cause of hair loss in women is hormones that’s birth control provides. And because some of us women take birth control we are risking our hair. It doesn’t happen to everyone but a good percentage.

Xcellerate 35 (X 35) is a spray that helps promote hair growth in men and women. X 35 is mostly known for being used on thinning hair. A combination of 35 ingredients is used to stimulate the scalp. Thus, allowing more blood flow to the hair cells. To keep the root of the hair healthy. This special formula also helps increase the hair follicles, and widen them so the hair can grow thicker. Amino acids are key when it comes to preventing premature hair loss. Xcellerate 35 provides the amino acids our hair follicles need to thrive and produce long, thick, healthy hair.

Xcellerate35 hair growth

Formulated in Los Angeles by the Beverly Hills Formulators Group. They conducted two different clinical trials. After a period of 14 days, the results were accurate. With the use of half-head methodology, the group of participants saw an increase in hair density by 520.4%. on the side, that was treated. In the second clinical trial, they divided the group of participants. The half that received treatment showed an 221.75% increase than the ones that didn’t receive treatment.

Xcellerate 35 is very simple to use. After hair is washed and clean, lightly towel dry. With the hair, slightly damp. Take a stick comb and make a few parts and spray directly on the scalp. Make sure to cover the entire surface. Afterward gentle massage the spray into scalp. Lastly, comb the hair from the root to end. Stimulating and spreading the product. For the best results. The good thing is that the spray bottle is travel size.

You want to allow the hair to breathe and give time for the formula to work. We at MyTopFace recommend you try to stay away from using any styling products. Such as hair spray, gel mousse, and other harsh products. The chemicals in those products damage the hair, dry out the scalp, and clog hair follicles. Using those products defeat the purpose of using the X 35 spray. The chemicals don’t allow for the formulation to work as efficiently.


There are different methods you can use to stimulate the scalp. To help accelerate the process when using the Xcellerate 35. We at MyTopFace found that taking a detangle brush and using it for a scalp massage every other day helps. You can also use an oil like tea tree or peppermint oil. And that helps stimulate the scalp in a natural way. Create a whole hair care routine and make sure to carry it out on a weekly base. You will start to see great results.


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