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Fillerina Gives You Full, Pouty Lips Perfectly Pain-free

fillerina lip plump

No matter how you feel about the Kardashian-Jenner family, you have to admit this: Kylie Jenner’s pout is actual perfection. Full lips have always been the desire of many women. Unfortunately, though some of us were not blessed with heart-shaped mouths though we desperately lust after them. Therefore ultimately, we are left to fake til’ it we make it.

There are many different lip plumping products floating around due to this market demand. All of them promise a kisser with more volume, but most do not deliver the results they say they will. Some even have negative side effects like allergic reactions or bruising. We understand that not every product will be perfect, but the last thing we anticipate when using one is harmful side effects.

For example, lip plumping glosses are great in the sense that they achieve visible results right away. But most of them contain ingredients like cinnamon oil and cayenne pepper, which causes the skin on your lips to swell and creates a stinging sensation that some find uncomfortable. We’ve even heard cases of women having bad allergic reactions to them and developing hives or rashes around their mouths (ouch!)

There are also vacuum-like “lip cupping” devices that use suction to enhance lip size. Though our experts appreciate that results are achieved au natural, we’ve heard of cases where women develop bruising around their mouths! Our team wanted to find a new type of product that was easier to use; discreet enough to apply in public and left no negative side effects.

Our experts at Mytopface are busy women who do want fuller lips but simply don’t have the time, patience or pain tolerance that most lip products require. That’s why we were so excited to meet Fillerina: the first generation of dermo-cosmetic hydrating and filler treatment for at-home use. The Fillerina Lip Plump is a topical lip-plumping product that has a metal ball at one end and a plunger at the other. It dispenses a dermo-cosmetic gel which is then spread evenly onto the lips. Amazingly, since this product is designed to treat sagging and loss of volume, you can also use it on your face and neck too to treat wrinkles!

Fillerina’s formula contains a mix of 6 hyaluronic acid molecules with different molecular weights (from 1000 to 2 million Dalton.) The combination of these various molecules is designed to fit into the thinner skin of your lips and boost its volume and promote the overall lip size. The multi-tasking formula will also smoothen and nourish wrinkles by replenishing the hyaluronic acids that are gradually lost over the years.


fillerina lip plump dermo-cosmetic gel

All this information was appealing to us. We believe a good lip plumper should give you lips more volume and definition without leaving marks. Fillerina claims to deliver this without cosmetic surgery, painful needles or that uncomfortable stinging. We’ve been hoping for a lip plumper like this. Let’s see if Fillerina lives up to expectations.

Fillerina before


To use: We pushed the plunger, allowing the gel to exit onto the other end of the pen. Then we immediately spread it evenly onto our lips. The entire application took less than 30 seconds. We were surprised at how easy it was- literally like putting on lip-gloss. The product has no scent at all. The cooling gel felt nice to the touch and was refreshing for our lips.

We used the treatment five times a day. To get a fair assessment, we spaced out the applications by 3 hours. So we first used it in the morning after brushing our teeth; at lunch time; then around 3 p.m; then around dinnertime and lastly right before bed.)

Also, there was no need to put on makeup after using the product since it leaves a lovely glossy sheen behind. Some of our team members though had a special event to attend. They wanted to sport a sexy Red Carpet lips look while others wanted to do something a bit more playful and wear a Glitter lip style. But they were worried that using the treatment would affect how their makeup came out or how long it lasted. We are relieved to announce that using the product did not change their makeup at all!

It’s only been a few days since we began using Fillerina but we already see a nice change. Our lips have more oomph to them. Their natural shape is more defined. Their texture even seems to be smoother, so our lipstick looks even better than ever!

Fillerina After

Mytopface (MTF) beauty hacks: Since the metal ball on the product is cold, you may not feel the gel product right away. But it is there! Don’t push on the plunger too many times or you’ll be dispensing excess gel you will want for later. Also, the instructions state to keep hydrated and drink lots of water during the cycle of this treatment. The product’s formula may cause to feel thirsty and your lips dry, so make sure to carry a bottle of water and a moisturizing chapstick.

We really loved that this product is truly an at-home treatment. It’s compact enough to carry with you in your clutch so you can use it on-the-go and whenever you choose. No need anymore to make appointments with doctors for lip fillers! Also, it is also less risky than lip-cupping devices.

If you want to avoid the sharp needles that come with surgical procedures or the burning sensations from lip plumping glosses, here is your pick: Fillerina lives up to its expectations. Thankfully, we were able to achieve poutier lips within a few days of use. The treatment is completely pain-free and leaves no bruises or scars. The product is convenient: you can carry it with you and even use it outside since it looks like a regular lipgloss. Only thing is results are not instantaneous, but our experts at Mytopface believe the wait is worth it. Fillerina is the lip-enhancing product we’ve all been waiting for.


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