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Get Rid of Cellulite and Stretch Marks with Previse & BeautyToolbox

MyTopFace Previse & BeautyToolBox

Whether we maintain a good and clean diet, do just the right amount of squats and exercise, and are mindful of our skincare and the products we apply to our skin, there are some things that we just can’t control in our bodies.

What would be something that we seem to have no control over? Well, what about those times that your weight was fluctuating a bit, and your body changed due to hormones and going up and down in weight… remember how that resulted in some not-so-cute stretch marks in a place that wasn’t too easy to hide?

What about that sweet little bundle of joy you just birthed into this world a few months ago, and the toll they took on your body and marks they left behind? Well, we know exactly what it’s like to have stretch marks and imperfections in the tone and texture of your skin, and we know how it can have an impact on our body image.

We are eager to find the perfect solution to feeding our skin the perfect amount of moisture and just the right ingredients, to improve the appearance of those hard-to-get-rid-of stretch marks, scars, discoloration, and more. There are a lot of different things that can contribute to the imperfections of our skin.

Skin is sensitive and has to be cared for delicately, for that reason, here at MyTopFace, our beauty experts are very particular and picky about the way to take care of the skin, and the moisture and care to use after a thorough cleansing.

At MyTopFace we like to use products that contain gentle ingredients, (natural and organic is always a plus); and, we love products that are formulated to treat your skin in a fragile way, rather than being rough on your skin and taking away from its natural radiance.

Previse Product Reviews

We don’t only want to look good, we want to feel good, so the quality of all products we use has to be more than just a good look. For that reason, we are delighted to share our newfound secret to attacking those tough stretch marks, scars, and glitches in our skin.

After a nice long shower, the best part is always applying your lotion or body mist, to give your skin that essential dose of moisture, and relaxation. For bodily moisture, we are interested in products that make our skin feel nice and dewy – not too oily and not too dry.

We live for products that are able to actually lock in moisture and leave us with an everlasting glow throughout the rest of our day, or whatever it is we have going on. We know how disappointing it can be to try out a new moisturizing cream or mist, and it makes our skin feel rough and unnatural.

If you are looking for a source of moisturizing that is designed to enhance the quality and texture of your skin, while leaving you with a feeling of freshness, that is lightweight and enjoyable – then we suggest you hop on our bandwagon and try out this amazing BodyMist Vitamin E infused body oil mist, made by Previse.BodyMist Vitamin E infused body oil mist

What we love about this body oil mist is that it is rich with vitamin E and a mixture of other botanical oil extracts, so we are confident applying a substance to our skin and bodies that we know has components that are beneficial to us.

For better result, we used Previse oil with Beauty Toolbox Cellulite Treatment Cup. We were really impressed with our new soft skin without cellulite.

Beauty Toolbox Cellulite Treatment Cup

1. Apply Previse BodyMist Vitamin E Body Oil to the area to be treated.
2. To create a delicate suction, squeeze the cup and apply to your skin.
3. Massage skin areas by moving cup slowly for a few minutes per area daily to get a prompt result.
Cellulite Treatment Cup Beuaty Toolbox
Beauty Toolbox Cellulite Treatment cup made from medical grade skin friendly silicone. MyTopFace team suggests washing your cup after each use.

As a beauty expert, it is crucial that our skincare regimen is that of a healthy one, and that whatever products we are using and how we use them is beneficial to our body, both inside and out.

The vitamin E body oil mist that Previse provides is designed to work well with all skin types and provide the perfect touch of moisture and shine, without making your skin feel overwhelmingly greasy and weighed down. After a nice shower, when you are ready to apply your moisture, you can pick up this fair-sized bottle and just spray a dab of moisture onto your body.

We love how the bottle that the oil comes in can be sprayed onto your skin like a mist, and we were happy with how gently it went onto our skin and left an undeniable glow and a soft and silky texture. It makes your skin feel and look good, and, the ingredients it is made with a contribution to eliminating dryness, cracked/rough skin, and more.

Another great part about this amazing body oil is it can easily be carried around in your purse (or gym bag). Whenever you see the natural radiance of your skin begin to fade away, or the texture of your skin becoming rough as the day goes by, you can whip out this mist and give it a spray – and literally wash your dryness and itchy skin away.

Now, the perfect product to use in combination with this vitamin E body oil mist is the stretch mark cream that Previse also makes. MommyBalm Stretch Mark Cream is formulated to work effectively with all skin types and is made to help reduce the appearance of your toughest scars and stretch marks.

MommyBalm Stretch Mark Cream

Like we said before, there are some things about our body that we simply have no control over. The scars that form and stretch marks that develop are amongst those things that are out of our hands. But, with this cream, we are confident that we can do something to help get rid of them. This cream has an amazingly soft texture and is easily lathered onto the skin.

Our experts have been consistently using this cream with the aim to diminish scars and stretch marks that we have – and it works. As long as you are mindful of the instructions provided and use cream accordingly, you are destined for great results.

Our team loves this three products used together for skin which you die for especially before bikini season.



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