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Get you Gold Facial Mask On!

neogen gold veil hydrogel mask

Once again, we have been getting our facial skin in tip top shape, and by using a Gold Facial Mask and we are so very excited about these new Code9 Gold Veil Hydrogel Masks from NEOGEN as well as the SUR-Medic + Skin Solution Mask Kit 100.

We have to admit that we were a little bit skeptical at first, because these masks are not applied as a cream or a normal mask, they are actual masks, which you place onto your face, and you kind of look like a robot walking around your apartment for a little while, however, the results are just sooooo amazing! Our skin felt and looked absolutely fantastic after using these masks, and we can’t wait to use them again and again.

Firstly, let’s chat a little bit about the NEOGEN Code9 Gold Veil Hydrogel Mask, and then we’ll tell you all about the rehydating wonder of the Sur Medic+SKin Solution Mask Kit 100.

Code9 Gold Veil Hydrogel Mask



This Gold Hydrogel Mask was so much fun to use, and the results were spectacular. Besides that it contains actual 24k Gold particle sin the mask, this mask was very simple to put on. Simply place the two-piece mask onto your face, follow the instructions on the pack and when you’re done, we can pretty much guarantee you that your skin is going to feel super soft and smooth, and you’ll basically look like you’ve just come off of a 3 week cruise ship holiday!

Sur Medic+Skin Solution Mask Kit 100


This mask is all about relaxing your skin, and reactivating that hydration that you can lack after a stressful week of long hours at the office, or if you’re a new mom and really haven’t had any sleep, or hey, maybe you’re young and wild and love to party, and your skin just needs a refreshing lift! This Sur Medic+Skin Solution Mask Kit 100 is all about giving your skin a makeover, and that’s what you’ll get, and instantly refreshing and hydrating look and feel, no doubt about it. This is a great gift to yourself, or as a gift for a friend who really needs it, no matter what age they are, plus the packaging is beautiful and they’ll be so thankful for the results they get!


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