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Get Your Body Beach Ready with Bali Body

bali body cream

Oh summer is getting closer and closer, and we’re getting more and more excited by the minute! As the days roll by, the sun gets warmer, the nights get longer, and our excitement gets bigger! So if if you’re getting as worked up about summer as we are, then we bet that you’re also trying your bets to get your body in the best summer shape that you possibly can right?! And one of the most important and most vital parts about the summer and your BODY, is getting a healthy and SAFE tan, so that you don’t look like and Irish farm lass, who’s never seen the sun rays hit her pale skin before…What you would much rather prefer is a a silky, olive tanned bronze, kind of like you’ve been living in the sunshine of Australia for an entire year.

bali body

So when we got to try out the Bali Body Oil and the Bali Body Luxe Moisturizer Lotion, we got even more excited than we already were to begin with! Bali Body is an Australian based company that uses only natural and organic oils and plant based ingredients in the body care products that they produce, and OMG, they are as lush as luscious can possibly get! Oh, and don’t panic, just because they’re based in Australia wont stop them from getting their amazing oils shipped with tracking straight to your doorstep – for free!

Natural Tanning and Body Oil

Bali Body Tanning Oil

Love, love, love, we’re in love! This Bali Body Natural Tanning and Body Oil is is the most lush and deliciously yummy smelling body and tanning oil you’ll ever come across, and  not only are you going to smell like a tropical paradise, you’re going to look and feel like an Australian tanned beach babe! The boys and girls will be turning their heads to catch a second glimpse of your utterly to-die-for tan! We loved how effective this tanning oil was on our skin, not just as a tanning oil, but also as an overnight moisturizer, as well as a soothing and calming mask for your skin, especially if you’ve been in the sun all day – which you will be very soon!

Luxe Moisturizing Lotion

Bali Body moisturizing lotion

Yum, yum on my skin! Seriously, these ladies really know how to create and blend a mixture of plant based and naturally organic ingredients! This the most luscious and Moisturizing Luxe Lotion from Bali Body, we love hoe light and non greasy it is, how it glides onto you skin and immediately your skin sucks it up like you would a scrumptious Pina-Colada on a hot summers day! This body lotion is the perfect everyday lotion, and even better as an evening lotion when you’ve been burning those buns all day long. You’ll look, smell, and feel absolutely glorious, even though it’s not even full blown summer yet – we’ve been caking this stuff on every. single. day!

bali body

Bali Body is absolutely gorgeous, and so are all the international models who swear by their products, so if you’re looking to get your body bronzed and tanned….get this stuff! We promise you – You’ll look like a sun kissed goddess in no time!


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