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Glosslab Nail Studio Interview with Rachel

Our expert has visited Glosslab – a Nail studio located in Flatiron. Glosslab specializes in manicure and pedicure and offers blow-out services while you doing your nails.

Glosslab provides waterless services to prevent ground for spreading bacteria and germs, as well as to keep your nails safer, cuticles from scaling and protecting polish, making it stay for longer periods of time.

Another interesting feature about the Lab is that it provides absolutely cashless service – this means they don’t deal with cash and don’t accept it. Step into the future right?

The MyTopFace expert came in for the gel manicure & blow out service and interviewed Rachel, owner, and CEO of Glosslab.

Rachel, how you came up with the idea to open nail studios?

I have always felt that freshly polished nails were essential, yet I was constantly frustrated by the existing nail salon options. There was nothing that was efficient and clean… Glosslab was born!

What’s your favorite nail design and color?

The luna + Dazzle Dry “Boss”

What’s do you prefer regular Non-Toxic Polish or LED Gel?

I LOVE Dazzle Dry

We have never tried before this Beautifly Gel brand!

We love this new brand as a non-toxic gel with amazing new colors + glitter.

What’s your beauty advice for healthy nails and cuticles?

  1. Dazzle Dry polish! It strengthens your nails while keeping them polished to perfection.
  2. Limit gel polish to when you are traveling.
  3. Never do gels back to back.
  4. Never peel your gel polish – I know it’s so tempting!

Tell us about blow dry services at the studio?

At our Flatiron location and at other locations opening soon, we offer blowouts + manicures at the same time.

What suggestions would you give to your own kids about nail care?

My girls (4 + 6 years old) love to get manicures! I try to stick to our cleaner polish brands for them.

Our expert reported: ‘Glosslab is an amazing place, I am extremely happy with my visit and quality of the service! If you’re a businesswoman, mom, business-mom, or simply in a rush – you can get your nails and hair done at the same time.”

The expert has very thin and wet nails and has to do pedi every-other-week as polish doesn’t stay long and chip fast and easily. -“In most cases, gel pedicure stays for 3-5 days and I have to re-do it again!”- she says, “It’s been over 4 weeks now after I did my pedicure at Glosslab and my polish is still there, I am amazed by the quality of the service and attention to the client”.

The blow dry service is extremely useful in our fast paced life, weather you are business woman, mom, business mom, or simply looking to save time – this service is for you! At Glosslab using Moroccan Oil products that work perfectly on your hair as a result you are getting blow dry service with the highest-quality while getting your nails done!


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