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Go Easy on the Curls with The Mane Choice

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If you have kinky, curly or wavy hair, most women will want and envy your hair, especially if they have thin hair, but having curly hair can be an antagonizing experience too. This is mostly because wavy and curly hair, unlike thin and straight hair can very easily get tangled up and often also loses its shine and hydration, just because of the sheer amount of hair that comes with having curly and thick hair! We hear you ladies, wavy and curly hair isn’t always the greatest of gifts to women, it involves detangling your hair all the time and keeping that ‘mane’ of yours in order can often be a daunting task, leading you to just throw your hair up in a bun, especially if you’re a busy and on-the-go women, which let’s be honest, we all are too busy to constantly be detangling our hair right?

The mane choice trio

Of course, MyTopFace is here to rescue you from all of your hair woes and troubles, and tell you all about The Mane Choice, and their Easy On The CURLS & Soft As Can Be Trio, which we got to try out a few days ago. Obviously we were super impressed with this shampooing and conditioning set, which comes with an ‘Easy On The Curls Detangling Hydration Shampoo, and Easy On The Curls Detangling Hydration Conditioner, as well as a Soft As Can Be 3-in-1 Conditioner! All of which will definitely be life changing to your hair, especially if its thick, wavy or curly!

Easy On The CURLS Detangling Hydration Shampoo

detangling shampoo - the mane choice

This detangling hydration shampoo really is something quite revolutionary for all of us ladies with curly hair. Long gone are the days where you dread having to wash your hair because of all the knots and tangles you usually sit with afterwards. Firstly, your wash days will be cut pretty much in half as the build-up and impurities that get caught up in curly hair will finally be washed out properly, plus it gently and softly detangles your hair, leaving it feel soft and shiny. With a boost of Biotin and Vitamin E, your hair also gets a great amount of nourishment, which is rarely found in a shampoo! Your curly hair will no longer feel as if it’s been stripped or dry, leaving your hair and your scalp, clean and moisturized.

Easy On The CURLS Detangling Hydration Conditioner

The mane choice - conditioner

We love how easy and breezy our hair washing days have become with this Easy On Curls Detangling Hydration Conditioner. The high concentrate of Biotin and Vitamin E in this Hydration Conditioner will make detangling knotted hair simple, easy and mess-free, and not only that, but it’s going to really get deep into your hair and your roots, leaving your scalp and your hair feeling as if been given a huge sip of liquid oxygen! Clean hair that has been properly conditioned, is a very essential and necessary part of maintaining healthy hair, especially if you have curls.

Soft As Can Be 3-in-1 Conditioner

soft as can be - the mane choice

This Soft As Can Be 3-in-1 Conditioner really just says it all in the name itself! We honestly felt like our hair had been revitalized and refreshed, almost instantaneously! This advanced conditioner has been formulated in a way that you can use it as either a Co-Wash Conditioner, as a Detangler or as a Leave in Conditioner, and no matter which option you go for, we promise you, that your hair is going to look and feel lusciously soft and shiny, and those curls of your will have more bounce and ease than they’ve ever had.

detangle your hair - the mane choice

The Mane Choice have an amazing range of hair products which have been very artistically and specially formulated for all kinds of hair, so make sure you pop around and check out what they have for your hair, we loved trying out their Easy On The CURLS & Soft As Can Be Trio


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