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HABA – Health Aid, Beauty Aid

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MyTopFace loves a simple approach to skincare and so does the Japanese company HABA. We decided to try their line and in 3 easy steps we were able to thoroughly clean, moisturize, and protect. Here are the products our experts used to remove dirt, replenish moisture and aid the skin in creating it’s own protective barrier.

First we started with the HABA Micro Force Cleansing, a water-based make-up remover that completely washes away dirt like an oil cleanser. It is both a makeup remover and skin cleanser in one. It has the feel of a silky smooth oil and liquid mix, but its not super oily. HABA created this using a specially formulated micro squalane along with plant extracts and other moisurizing ingredients. Good for all skin types.

haba microforce cleaning

Next we used the G Lotion which is an alcohol-free toner derived from bamboo extract and deep-sea minerals. Our face felt so refreshed after splashing it on. It is good for preventing acne, removing dead skin cells, soothing inflamed skin and helping to keep skin soft. This is recommended for normal, oily and combination skin. Even one of our experts with dry sensitive skin said this product, when used with the whole line was perfect to refresh, balance and hydrate her skin.

haba g lotion
Lastly, we used the HABA Squalane, while our face was still damp with the G Lotion. This oil is the world’s first ultra high pressure-treated squalane. What exactly is squalane? It is shark liver oil. Cool, huh? Squalane is already in our skin, but as we age we lose it. This loss is what causes fine lines and wrinkles. So the HABA Squalane naturally replaces your own, leading to smoother skin. You can both moisturize the skin and minimize your pores with this product. Our experts love a product that does more than one thing. And you really only need to use 1 drop all over the face. A little bit glides a long way!
haba squalane

MyTopFace hack (listen up moms!): The squalane can also be used for more than just the face. It is good for stretch marks, hands, body, hair/scalp and even the baby!

Overall our beauty experts at MyTopFace were surprised by how much they like this straightforward approach to skincare. The packaging is nice and plain, with soft muted colors. And our face love how the HABA line removed dirt, replenished moisture and aided the skin in creating it’s own protective barrier.

Since we fell in love with the skincare, we decided to try a few other products that HABA makes. Their HABA Rich Lip Serum  and their HABA Mineral Essence Velvet Matte Base. The lip serum is amazing! Our makeup experts loved how easily it slides on, absorbs quickly into our lips and stays moist and shiny for a long time. It wasn’t sticky or tacky like some lip serums can be and it is frangrance free. It was perfect to use as a lip gloss and we were happy that our lips were also getting some TLC while looking their pouty best!

haba lip serum
And the HABA Matte Base really does feel like velvet on the skin. From the moment you apply and start spreading it gently over the face, our experts agreed it blended beautifully. There were no funny lines and our faces felt completely bare, even though there was a thin base that masked imperfections.
haba velvet matte base
The crew here at MyTopFace are pleased with all of the products they tried from HABA and think you should try them too.


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