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Nina Mua School Makeup

In 2014 the makeup interest in the women and men around the world peaked dramatically, and in 2016 it is currently at an all time high. If you haven’t heard about this makeup craze, you can officially say you live under a rock! There are two types of people when it comes to makeup; either you teach yourself, or you seek help and let others help you. Our Mytopface Experts have no shame in looking for outside help to re-educate ourselves on any new tips and tricks.

Whether we can not find the right foundation, bronzer, or can not keep still enough to create a perfect winged eyeliner, help is always around. If you are in need of little or a tremendous amount of help, or even clarification and advice on starting your own career as a makeup artist, Nina Mua School is the perfect place to go to! A hand-picked professional team offers several tremendous programs and services to those who seek help. If you are more into the hair-styling aspect of the beauty industry, they can help you out, too. There are no limits! Nina, founder and creative director, let us ask the ins and outs of everything she has worked hard to achieve!

MyTopFace: After you finished hair and makeup school, what made you take on the journey of starting up your own Makeup School?

Nina: Everything I do in my life is based on my instincts. After I worked eight years as an artist I started receiving many requests to do workshops and seminars. With being in such demand, finally I came up with the idea of developing an intensive program which led me to opening Nina Mua School.

MyTopFace: With being just three years in, how would you say your business is doing so far?

Nina: Although the school has expanded and grown at such a fast rate within a short amount of time, we have been doing incredibly well! Our students are learning and becoming professional makeup artists, every single one of our programs have been successful, and we are proud to say we have been the aid to boosting people’s future careers. We really emphasize on the quality of education, products, and overall experience.

MyTopFace: Our expert loved the transformation you performed on her! Throughout the years of your interest in beauty, what are your favorite makeup and hairstyle trends?

Nina: My favorite makeup and hair trend is a messy glamour style, but I never impose this towards my clients. I give my clients the freedom towards deciding their look to bring their idea and inspiration come to life. We are all unique and that’s what makes my job so exciting and interesting. My role is to enhance my client’s beauty, not to replicate trends.

Nina Mua School Makeup

MyTopFace: With the makeup craze being at an all time high in 2016, what sets you and your team apart from other teachers around the world?

Nina: First off we have an amazing creative team. The diversity of our instructors allows us to introduce different creative styles and techniques into our classrooms. What sets our instructors apart is their dedication and personalized attention towards our students. They are all so passionate with great personalities that fits well into our School’s culture.

Our small class structure allows us to identify each student’s strongest and weakest areas, which is the advantage of working with a smaller group. Also, all of our courses are hands-on from the beginning which makes our students feel more comfortable from the very start.

We are always looking for ways to help our students improve and advance, so this is where our free bonus classes comes in. The bonus classes are specifically designed for students who still have questions or challenges in an area. We love to share our makeup knowledge and expertise to help our students progress as quickly as possible. 

My School’s management makes sure that each student completes every lesson, even if they have an inconvenience and aren’t able to make it in one day. We give them the opportunity to retake the class. Another wonderful thing that set us apart are our photoshoots. We incorporate this into the program with the purpose to give students a peek to what being “backstage or behind the scenes” is all about. We invite models and a professional photographer to demonstrate how to work efficiently on set to maximize their experience. We keep in touch with our students through our closed community and we post any opportunities for them to volunteer or work actual paid gigs to work with clients to expand their portfolio.

MyTopFace: With social media being so prevalent, and so many self-made artists showcasing their talent online, is it more difficult to obtain students since it is easier to receive help from the internet?

Nina: Not at all, social media is an excellent tool to promote and learn different techniques and trends, as well as YouTube. YouTube offers great insight and tutorials on makeup trends, but on the other hand, we feel the overwhelming amount of information online is one of many reasons that gears students towards getting proper training. We get many self-taught artists in our school, who feel that they don’t have the confidence or technical base to actually branch out for bigger opportunities. There is so much more involved than what you see online. A certification credits your work as a professional and shows that the artist understands hygiene, sanitation, color theory, era looks, applications and techniques, amongst so many more topics covered in our professional makeup programs.

MyTopFace: Out of all the programs and classes being taught at your school, in your opinion, which is your favorite to teach?

Nina: Both programs I absolutely love! The Intensive 4 week program is very unique as it is designed for people who don’t have enough time, but are still interested in becoming a professional makeup artist. As the program name mentions – it is very intensive. This was our first program and the curriculum specifically targets the most essential and crucial things towards becoming a pro in the industry. For two and a half years we have seen the end results. Students are confident, very satisfied, and successful in their careers.

And of course, our new program, the extensive 5 week program which is so much fun! There are photoshoots, models, a bigger makeup kit, more makeup applications, trends, a marketing class, and portfolio developing. The 5 week program has more hours of training and more lessons. Overall both are beginner level programs, letting the students learn that they can transform their careers and lives through our school, which is what is most rewarding for us at the end of the day.

MyTopFace: What are some common misconceptions you hear or see about makeup artists and hairstylists?

Nina: There are many common misconceptions, one that immediately pops into mind is base matching. There is no such thing as the one perfect base color for you. The secret behind this is that artists know that they have to mix and match colors to achieve the perfect tone and there are so many things being considered when doing this such as; how to neutralize a person’s skin, what colors to use to create a flawless canvas, the person’s undertone, how seasons come into play, and these are just a few!

MyTopFace: Which class, would you, a professional, recommend a beginner sign up for?

Nina: To the potential student I would recommend first considering their availability and schedule. We offer flexible schedule options and all year round programs. Both programs are beginner levels, either one is a fantastic option.

MyTopFace: For someone who is a growing makeup artist or cosmetologist seeking extra help to further advance their work, which one of your classes or programs would you suggest?

Nina: If the artist has experience and is looking to further their skills, we offer an advanced two week program which is basically the last two weeks of our 5 week program. We have this as a separate option for artists looking to go further beyond the basics. A portfolio and entrance interview is required.

MyTopFace: Some of our readers may be interested in your School and what you and your team have to offer. What can you say about your school that can further convince our readers to enroll rather than teaching themselves or seeking help from others?

Nina: Our school is perfect for someone interested in gaining quality education in the makeup and hairstyling industry. When I created these programs I reflected back to my personal experience as an artist and the many challenges that I faced in the industry. I took those examples to develop our School’s curriculums. The different curriculums provides the necessary components and indispensable things an individual must know and comprehend in order to strive in the makeup industry.

Our hairstyling program is actually an offshoot to the makeup program. Most schools offer a cosmetology program, but our 3 week hairstyling course is unique because it focuses mainly on hairstyles and updos. So no hair cutting or hair dying. Versatility is key to standing out in such a competitive industry, and the more you know the more useful your are.

In addition to our programs, our boutique school offers a nurturing environment and small class structure (we only accept eights students per group) in order to be able to focus on each person and give them each the attention they need. Our team is very compassionate and caring, and we most importantly love our students! We are all family here!

Nina Mua School Makeup

Lastly, in the picture above our expert is wearing the elegant Two Peas in a Pod Necklace from Timeless Pearl.

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