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Hair Volume Enhancement at Pierre Michel Salon

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Recently MyTopFace visited Pierre Michel salon for the Milbon Treatment, however, this time we are going to talk with Young Choo a hair specialist at Pierre Michel salon who specializes in Hair Volume Enhancement and other hair treatments, as well as haircuts.
Many of us can experience hair loss regardless of gender due to health, genetics, hormonal changes, pregnancy, stress, and other issues. Young Choo specializes in Hair Volume Enhancement that is a procedure that helps people to regain hair density and creates extra volume.
The hair installment requires no glue, clips, and does no damage to the scalp or current hair. After the procedure, you can color or style your hair as usual!

– Young, how did your hair journey begin?
I studied makeup first then decided to do hair too.
– What’s your recommendation for before and after ‘young hair enhancement’ treatment?
Amazing things about this treatment you can do everything to your hair.
– How long does result last?
You might need to retouch in three months, but not a whole thing whatever, lost.
hair volume enhancement
– What are your personal beauty tips for gorgeous hair?
Hair needs good care just like skin. Don’t stress the hair too much and give conditioning.
– What’s your favorite hair service to perform and why?
I can not pick one because it is the purpose of making the services for beautiful clients.
– What hair care products can you suggest to treat/get help with alopecia (hair loss)?
It’s called Histemo. It is a treatment, especially for hair loss. I’m satisfied with it.
One of our experts also visited Young for a haircut at Pierre Michele. The expert reported: “Young is a true master and she knows what she is doing. Since the moment she saw my hair I knew I am going to be happy with the final result. Before starting she checked the state of my hair by going through them and noted that I have dense and dry hair. Youngs assistant washed my hair with conditioner for the dry hair to make them ready for the haircut and during hair wash I got a massage on a special massage chair! While doing the actual haircut I noticed that Young went through my hair, nearly one by one, ensuring each one is perfect, I was amazed by such great attention to details. The end result overcame all expectations as it was stylish, easy, and the great part – it was fast!”
Pierre Michel Haircut
Whether you are looking to grow your hair or cut them – Young is the right person to talk about the final result and perform your services. The Pierre Michel salon is, of course, a great, high-class place where each visit is a pleasure, and we are happy with every visit!


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