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Hairspray Speed Test

hairspray speed test

Products Tested: Garnier Fructis Full Control Ultra Strong Hold Hair Spray

Test Description:
In order to give a realistic test for this product and decide whether or not it holds a hairstyle, usual winds were not enough as only extreme situations can provide real answers. We could no longer wait for a storm to come rolling in so the only solution was to create our very own storm. On a very cloudy, windy day, we brought a sports car to an air track where we could drive at very high speeds with our Expert, who used the hairspray product.

Test conduction:
The MyTopFace expert styled her hair and then used the product as described on the bottle. The Expert’s hair was out of the window while the car accelerated from 0 to 60mph. There was no rain, yet, but we gave it a few tries before it started.
When the car started speeding the hair of the expert started waving like the ocean in the middle of a storm, which was exactly what we had hoped for! Our first thoughts were that the product would in no way stand a chance against such strong winds. When the car wheeled back to the starting point the hairstyle looked surprisingly great, but we did not stop there . . . we gave it two more laps!

Even though it was still very windy when our expert finally got out of the car, the hairstyle was looking great and was almost the same as after styling! It looks like this product is going onto our winner’s list! Watch our video on how it was done!


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