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Butcher Knife Halloween Makeup Look

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Giving warmth to the cheeks will give a bronzy shade defining the the bone structure. Applying the Kat Von D Shade + Light contour palette to create an naturally defined features.

Starting a halloween look can either be complex or simplistic depending on which steps of action preferred. creating the out line of the knife by drawing out he tip on the outer corner of the tear duct, following through the lid in a straight line mean while keeping the eyelid closed. Drawing the handle you should begin to shape the stem of the design. Filling the rest of the blade with the Jeffree Star Velour liquid stick “ Posh Spice “ while combining with  a creamy white to make color of metal.

To Create the effect of blood, painting under the lashes with the Anastsia Beverly Hills Liquid Lip “ Sarafine “. Then creating a cut crease look with the KVD Shade + Light Eyeshadow Contour palette.


To give the eyes a fluttery and glam look applying the Ardell Lashes in the style Wispies.

Using the ABH Liquid Lip “ Sarafine “ to give a the lips extreme volume.


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