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Happy Hair With Marula Pure Beauty Oil Volumizing Spray

marula 5-in-1 volumizing spray.

We have been spending a lot of time chatting with you about facial oils and how important they are for balancing out your skin. This time around we wanted to bring another type of oil to the forefront – marula oil and talk to you about why you need to try it! It is a multipurpose product that can work miracles in so many areas of your body. We are trying a marula oil based product for our hair this week- the Marula – Pure Beauty Oil 5-in-1 Volumizing Spray to try out this natural wonder worker for ourselves! This is a new product to the Marula range so we were excited to see what the brand has come up with now!

Marula Oil 5 in 1 Volumizing Spray

First, a little background on this product- Marula oil is harvested from the nut inside the marula fruit tree. It has been used for centuries by the women of South Africa and Mozambique as a body lotion, it is also an important part of their diet! The Marula Pure Beauty Oil brand only uses the purest cold pressed form of the oil with no added heat or chemicals! The product is paraben and phthalate free. In the raw, this oil is a light textured and nutritious. It boasts high levels of many antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E and several amino acids that assist in cell renewal. The oils content can help your body fight environmental damage and have healing properties. Pure marula oil is 60 percent higher in antioxidants than products you are probably already using on your hair like Argan Oil and Grapeseed oil. It boasts a faster and longer lasting moisture retention rate meaning it will give your hair shine and hold it more effectively throughout the day. Marula has quickly become a cult beauty product being used in many of our favorite products, but also has legs on its own as shown with the full line by Marula.  With an impressive resume like this- the MTF beauty experts are excited to see how this product worked for us!

One of the coolest things about Marula Oil is when you are using a product that contains the oil on your hair- you’re not just getting the immediate benefits of a volumizing spray ( or whatever the intended use of the product). Products that contain marula oil put in work! This spray will protect your hair from environmental or heat related damage creating a shield to protect the cuticle- providing a more luxe satiny finish to your locks. The MaurlaShield is perfect if you are a person who uses a ton of heat ( as we all raise our hands- guilty as charged). It uses the Marula brands patented ShinyWrap Plan Stem Cell technology to infuse a natural looking shine bringing your dull strands back to life!

We use the 5-in-1 volumizing spray on the third day of our weekly blowout to try to give our hair a bit of bounce that it has lost. Using the brand’s patented dual- volume nozzle we start by applying the spray directly to our root. Extending the root building nozzle until it clicks into place, we then begin to separate our hair into sections adding a bit of spray to several areas we would like to see boosted.  It is best to use this product around the area that you part your hair and then lift several other sections on both sides to get fullness all around. We then retract the nozzle and use the spray bottle without the white tip, applying from the top to middle of our hair. Immediately our strands are softer (and smell amazing as an added bonus) we also have a boost in volume with a little more bombshell bounce to our hair!

Marula Volumizing Spray

Then we brush our hair distributing the product evenly throughout our hair to make sure all areas get some TLC! MTF beauty experts are using this product on a dreary New York rainy day- which to us just means waking up to out of control frizz- even with a blowout. The 5-1 volumizing spray actually helped calm our frizz in a major way! Immediately we see less flyaway hairs and the texture of our MTF beauty experts hair is more manageable for styling. Just one more amazing aspect of marula oil is its really giving our hair the shine we were missing by coating the cuticle of our hair, giving it a hydrated look on the spot. With a few simple and easy sprays our blowout is back to its first-day glory!

MTF Beauty Hack: We would recommend this product for any texture hair, but especially for those of us with thin, fine or thinning hair. This product will give you some of the volume you crave, without being too heavy or getting built up product from daily use which tends to weigh down thin hair. Just like the pure marula oil this product is light in texture and can be applied to your hair daily!

We would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a little pep in their hair routine! The Marula Pure Beauty Oil brand has created a full range of products for both skin and hair using this wonder oil as its main ingredient. Their facial oil is the only doctor endorsed and scientifically validated oil on the market- so we know the brand takes quality seriously! We can not wait for them to continue to expand their line so we can get more or this oils goodness!  

Another thing we love about this brand is that they are providing jobs to women in rural Africa allowing them to clothe, feed and send their families to school. Products like these keep their economy going and provide jobs that would not be accessible to these women otherwise. It is the mission of the Marula brand to make sure these women are taken care of! On top of all this, the brand is 100% cruelty-free, leaving our bunny friends and hearts as happy as can be! Purchasing this product is great for your hair and mankind!


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