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How Not to Do Your Makeup for Your Brown Eyes

smokey eye tutorial

smokey eye tutorial

The reason why women wear makeup is because they want to look good every time they go out. But there are times that we overdo things or we choose the shade that we want to wear without considering if the color will look good on you. This article will give you how not to do makeup tips as well as the best eye makeup for brown eyes.

Do’s and Don’ts for Wearing Eye Makeup:

There are tons of makeup tutorials that you see on the internet. Most of them talk about how to apply makeup. But only a few talk about the things that you should not do. If you want to improve your look and not make it a disaster, then there are certain things that you need to remember.

Whether you have fair skin complexion or not, it is very crucial to choose a shade that suits the color of your skin. Don’t apply too dark or too light colors as it will affect the look you want to achieve. Choose a color that looks natural on you.

The same thing goes for your brown eyes. You might say that having a pair of brown eyes is the best thing you get since it can go with different shades. There are actually shades that don’t go along with brown eyes. If you want to know which shade you should use then you should read different makeup tips for brown eyes.

As per your lips, choose a color that suits your complexion and the shape of your lips. If you have thin lips, go for bold colors to make it look thicker. If your lips are thick, cream based colors are perfect for your lips. Don’t use dark colors for your lips unless you want to have a gothic look.

How to Do Smokey Eye Makeup

Brown smokey eye makeup is the most popular makeup for your brown eyes. It makes your brown eyes pop out. If you want to try smokey brown eyes, then you should follow this smokey eye tutorial.

  • Apply a primer on your lid. It will help the eye shadow last longer.
  • Use a tapered blending blush to apply brown eye shadow on the crease.
  • Use a darker brown shade and apply it through the crease. Focus on the outer edge as you don’t want to bring it up the same level of the previous shade.
  • Apply a shimmery brown shadow on the outer half of your eyelid. Blend the edges to get a soft look.
  • Apply the darker shadow to the lower lash line and smudge it to get a smokey effect.
  • Apply gold eye shadow on the inner corners of your eyes and blend the harsh edges.
  • Apply highlights on the brow bone.
  • Apply black eyeliner on the upper and lower lash lines. Smudge it to give a softer effect.
  • Add false eyelashes and mascara to add a dramatic effect on your eyes.

This is just an example of an eye make up tutorial. Follow the tips given and you’ll get the look that you want to achieve.



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