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How To Apply Bronzer

How To Apply Bronzer

How To Apply Bronzer

Getting that sun kissed look is quite easy. All you need is patience and a steady hand and you can do it yourself at home. To know how to apply bronzer, you should know what to begin with. Bronzer powder is perfect for contouring. It has a natural look when you have used it right.

How To Apply Bronzer

How To Use Bronzer

Step 1: After your face make-up foundation has been applied, you can start with bronzer work. Bear in mind though that if there’s blush involved bronzer is used before its application not after. Once your foundation, concealer and powder work are done for your face, take a soft brush with short bristles. You can control your bronzer placement better with this one.

Step 2: You’re going to use a sweeping motion to apply your bronzer (it doesn’t just go on your cheekbones). Take the number 3 and invert it so it looks more like an E. Try drawing that E in a casual spiral-like design in the air. It looks like you’re sweeping the space before you as you twirl your hand in a circular motion. That inverted 3 gesture is the best way to apply bronzer.

This is where to apply bronzer: start above the eyebrow where the browline peaks, move along the hairline toward the ear, swish forward to cover the space under the cheekbone, sweep back towards the point where your jaw begins and finally brush just beneath the jawline. There’s no strict rule to follow but by casually covering these regions you’ll make the best bronzer use.

Step 3: Now that you have your contours, blending is the next step and is quite important. You have to merge the bronzer with your neck, not just stop at the area under your jaw. Blending for the rest of it is quite straightforward, much like blending any other make-up. If by some mistake you have created a strong or distinct line that can’t be blended unless you swept that brush a hundred or more times, smooth out the line with some translucent powder first, and you’ll have learned how to apply bronzer.

How To Apply Bronzer

You’ve just learned how to use bronzer. Take that soft brush with short bristles and practice on a clear mirror surface without any make-up items. That way you get an idea of how to perform the inverted swish. Of course, when you practice before the mirror (and you’ll be surprised how many women are anxious enough to make this mistake, but it’s alright) use the normal brush on your own face not on your reflection.

This simple and convenient technique helps you look your best when a photo emergency comes calling. Videos are available on YouTube. One of the best bronzer powders in the market is Hoola from AnnaRose. Bronzers are great to add a little bit of rich tan to your face. When the beauty of summer make-up is no longer viable in other seasons, bronzers are welcome any time of the year.



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