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How to apply false eyelashes

How to apply false eyelashes

How to apply false eyelashes

Long eyelashes can make one’s eyes look flirtier, fuller, bigger and more inviting. If one is not blessed with long eye lashes naturally, then the next best choice is to apply false eye lashes. Since the later part of the twentieth century, women began to apply various types of gaudy and huge varieties of false eye lashes. But these days, many women commonly apply false eye lashes but they want to look natural without too much fuss. This article breaks down the steps to follow for applying a false eye lash. While looking for a false eye lash to buy, one may choose the right lashes according to one’s look, style and personality. One may get tired of applying false eyelashes, but it is easy to apply, if one follows the correct procedure. This article teaches you about the simple procedures to follow while applying false eyelashes.

Tools required for applying false eyelashes:
The tools required for applying false lashes includes Scissors, Tweezers, Mascara, Lash glue and False lashes. The procedure to fix the false eyelash correctly is described in detail below.

Trim the false lashes:

Trim the false lashes according to the size of your eyelid shape and the natural eye lash. Do make sure that they are not too short or wide. According to one’s personal taste and wish, if one wants to keep the lashes too long, then one may trim the edges according to the shape.

Shape the false lashes:

Bend and hold the two eyelashes inwards and create a shape similar to alphabet “C”. This technique is used to remove the straightness from the lash and ensure it looks in every aspect like the natural eye shape. This process makes the rest of the continuing process unproblematic. False eye lashes can also be curled up by using eyelash curler for providing a majestic look.

Sticking with glue:

For fixing the false lashes, it is better to apply branded glue such as DUO Eyelash Adhesive for lasting results and for a perfect finish. It is better to avoid glues comes along with your false eyelashes which may be of cheap quality or poor lasting glue. Before placing the false eye lash, one should wait for some seconds, so that the glue will become more perceptible and sticky. This is to avoid slipping of the false eyelash while applying. Fix the false eyelash on the base of your natural eye lash line. Wait for a few minutes, so that the glue dries clear. After the glues dries up, apply the mascara along the natural eye lashes, so that the natural eye lashes serve as a support for the applied false eye lashes. As a result both the natural and false eye lash will look like a single eye lash. If one notice any gaps between their real eye lashes and false eye lashes on the eye lid, no need to panic. Just fill the gap on the eye lid by using black eye shadow. If one still wants perfection, pull the false eyelashes off and repeat the process with confidence. Practice makes the process of applying false eyelashes perfect.



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