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Tips on How to Do Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

eye makeup for brown eyes

The eyes are the first part that men notice on the face. So you need to enhance its beauty by applying a makeup on it. There are tons of techniques that you can try for your eyes. But not all techniques are applicable for every eye. It’s because people have different shades of pupils. Some have dark brown or hazelnut brown eyes, while other have blue or green eyes. Before you apply an eye makeup, you need to determine the color of your eyes. The technique and color will follow once you know the color of your pupil.

How To Do Eye Makeup For Brown Eyes

But if you have brown eyes, then you are lucky as this article will give you tips on how to do eye makeup for brown eyes. Follow these tips and you will achieve a beautiful eye makeup that is perfect for your eyes.

Tip 1: Use a Primer

This first tip is non-compulsory. But if you want to make your eye makeup last longer, then you should apply it on your eyelid.

Tip 2: Apply the Base Coat

Base coats should be applied all over the eyelid. For those who have brown eyes, you may use maroon, pink, deep blue, purple, deep green and light brown. Some colors are only good for fairer skin tone. So if you have a darker skin tone, you may use earthy colors such as brown.

With the use of a medium-sized eye brush, apply the eye shadow all over your lid. Stop applying the shadow at the crease line.

Tip 3: Apply the Second Layer of the Eye Shadow

The second layer should be neutral on your skin tone. Choose color brown as it adds dimension and dramatic effect on your eyes. You choose lighter shades to darker ones, depending on your skin tone.

Apply the second layer above the first coat. Do a windshield movement until the shadows are blended.

Tip 4: Highlight Your Eyes

Another tip on how to do eye makeup for brown eyes is you need to apply highlights. Highlights give a finished look. You may use pink or shimmery white color to add effects on your eyes. Apply it below your eyebrows or at the curves of your eyes. It will give an illusion that your eyes are big.

Tip 5: Apply Eyeliner

This eye makeup is also non-compulsory. But if you want your eyes to pop, then you should put it on top of the water line. Use black coal eyeliner to make your eyes pop. You may use eyeliner liquid or gel if you desire.

When applying eyeliner, you need to follow the curve of your eyelid beside the water line. Make the line thicker on the outside part of your eye. You can also add eyeliner at the bottom part of the eye. You may use the same eyeliner or you may use brown. Start from the halfway of the waterline, and then end it at the curve of your eye.

Tip 6: Add Mascara

The final tip on how to do eye makeup for brown eyes is you need to put mascara. Mascara can elongate your eyelashes. To apply mascara, you need to look down then brush your eyelashes. Start from the roots, wiggle the mascara, and then pull up. Repeat the procedure until you are satisfied.



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