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How to Take Selfies Like a Model

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We’re in the years of selfies, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – that being said, we all know exactly what it’s like when you’re popping out for lunch, dinner, or hey, even just coffee with a friend! No matter where you go or what you have planned, someone is going to whip out their iPhone and take photos, and lo and behold, you better be camera ready, because the last thing you want is you’re concealer lines showing, shiny foreheads or faded lipstick. So we decided to take some advice from the pro’s, people that are constantly being snapped in selfies, at lunches, events and out and about, and these few tips will give you the confidence and tricks on how to take selfies like a model!

Priming Your Skin for Perfection with Face Primer

taking selfies like a model

You want to be able to achieve that soft blurry look to your skin, without the use of filters, so you want to make sure that you invest in a great pore-minimising cream, this will ultimately give you the soft look you’re after.

Picking the Right  Foundation for Your Skin Tone

taking selfies like a model
If you’re going out, you can afford to go a tone darker than your skin – not much darker, just a shade darker. You need to remember that the flash of the camera is going to illuminate your skin, so you can go a little heavier on your concealer, and you don’t really have to pack on the foundation all the way down your neck to your chest, although it is all about blending, make sure there isn’t a solid line where foundation starts and ends. Blend your foundation with a powder in a similar shade and brush it along your neck and chest, though very lightly. You should use a light bronzer to blend into yout skin as well, which will add some contour to your facial features.

How to Apply Eyeshadow to Widen Your Eyes

taking selfies like a model
If you want to open your eyes and make them look significantly wider, apply a honey and almost bronze coloured eyeshadow to your lids, this will brighten your eyes and make them appear wider because of the warms tones in it. You also want to try and use a natural skin toned eyeliner on your waterline, it will open your eyes for a wider look, more so than a white eyeliner and much more than a black eyeliner – black eyeliner on your waterline can actually make your eyes look smaller than they are! To finish off your look. Use and eyelash curls, to create a soft curl.

Go for a Long Lasting Lip Colour

taking selfies like a model
Probably the biggest mistake that you can make it just throw on a lipstick and head out! You need to prep your lips for perfection, make sure you exfoliate with a good quality lip exfoliator, or make your own with a combination of sugar and coconut butter, then prime your lips with a good primer…only then can you apply a lipstick to your lips, and if you can get your hands on a long lasting lipstick then do it! Try Pro Longwear Lipcreme by M.A.C. it really sticks to your lips with perfection.

So, ladies make sure you brush your locks to perfection and stick to these simple make up rules and you’ll never need to question yourself on how to take selfies like a model!



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