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INM Nail Polish and Cuticle Oils Will Get you Out The Door in Minutes


Everybody loves getting their nails done, but like most of us we don’t always have the time to sit in a salon and have them done every couple of weeks, so we opt for doing it ourselves, but like we just mentioned – time is of the essence, and the last thing you want is your freshly painted nails looking smudged, scratched or getting smeared on your clothes. So when we stumbled upon these fabulously awesome INM Nail products we were super stoked at the quick drying and greatly effective results they leave on your nails, giving us that just-stepped-out-the-salon look that we all want! With all their amazing products being so greatly effective, we decided to try out their Cuticle Oils, ‘Out-The-Door’ Nail Lacquers and their uber famous keratin pen. We pretty much loved them all, and our nails are still looking gorgeous, even after all the typing that we do!

INM Get Out The Door Nail Polish


We love a nail polish that dries in seconds, and these ‘Get out the Door’ Nail polishes do just that! We literally needed to wait a minute or two and out the door we were, with gorgeously smooth and painted nails. I think what we loved most about this nail polish was the fact that it didn’t chip and peel off within the first two days and actually stayed on our nails. Impressive and the range of colour available in their collection is to die for!

INM Cuticle Oils

imn - nail care

The only reason we hate winter is all the negative effect it has on our skin, like dry hands, dry skin and dry and cracked cuticles! So we were very much impressed with the lush and yummy smelling Cuticle Oils we got to try out from the INM range. They’re so nourishing to the skin, come in the most adorable little bubble looking bottles and are easy to carry around, what more could you want from a cuticle oil? Of course our cuticles looked instantly smooth and soft, and within days our cracks were gone. This Cuticle Oil is a must if you’re prone to getting dry and cracked cuticles, and with a varying range of scents you can choose your favourite one and smell divine all day!

INM Keratin Pen


If you’re looking for something to strengthen your weak nails, especially after this harsh winter we’ve all had then this INM Keratin Pen is the perfect little pen to have in your handbag! We loved how easy it was to carry this nifty little pen around with us and the Keratin enriched solution provides a perfect protection for nails that peel, chip and crack. The best bonus is that because this pen has also been boosted with a B5 Pro-Vitamin, it will help your nails grow while also making them stronger.

INM Out The Door Quick Dry Top Coat

out the door - inm

If you want to secure your nails even faster, and literally only have a minute to let them dry! Then this epic, INM Out The Door Quick Dry Top Coat is a non-yellowing formula which will dry one coat of nail polish in 45 seconds flat, and two coats of polish in 90 seconds -plus it lengthens the life of your nail polish and insures clarity and bright bold colour! Really, how much better can it get than that?


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