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Instant Hair Revival with Nanokeratin’s New Befri Brush

befri brush nanokeratin
befri brush nanokeratin

Finally a detangling hair brush that genuinely works, and not just on thin hair, but on thick and curly hair too! Sure, everyone knows that there are hundreds of different type of detangling brushes out there, and if you have thick and bushy hair like we do, then you’ll know it can really be a hard task finding a detangling brush that actually works, and gently, easily and softly detangles you hair. That’s why we’ve fallen so madly in love with the new Nanokeratin Befri Brush, not only does it look funky and uber modern, it does the job and it honestly works like nothing we’ve ever used before.

Super lightweight and so easy and simple to use, this Nanokeratin Befri Brush is the ultimate detangling brush, no matter if you have thin or thick hair, designed and based on a design that really is revolutionary, this hair detangling brush will ring immediate relief to your hair, not matter how tangled and bushy it is. The super unique structure of this Kinematic brush, has 8 arms to it, that move freely, which easily glide through your hair, leaving it looking smooth, soft and silky!

nanokeratin hair

With 142 smartly designed FlexiBristles, you can literally feel the amazingly flexible bristles brushing through your hair, and it tends to leave a lastly conditioning effect to your hair. We loved that there was no static left all over our head when using this brush, which is probably because anti-static bristles, and the eight Kinematic arms, which are also free-moving, really move through your hair like a warm knife through butter! Leaving your hair looking and feeling clean, moisturized, conditioned, nourished and drop dead gorgeous!

nanokeratin system

One of the greatest features of this brush, which stood out to us, was how open and ‘airy’ the structure of the detangling brush is, which not only makes it a perfect detangling brush, but also allows you to style your hair in a way easier manner than you’ve ever done before! The fact that there. no closed ‘spot’ between the bristles and brush, like with most styling brushes, means that the hot air of your hairdryer, will easily flow through the brush and your hair, causing much less damage to your hair! We all know how us women can be, if we have thick and curly hair, we want straight hair and if we have thin straight hair, we want curls and volume, and thankfully, so many styling products out there allow us to create the hair we want everyday, but its time consuming, so love when we find a new and innovative products that will help us cut that time in half, we you can most definitely do with this detangling brush!


We’ve been using this Nanokeratin Befri Brush on all of our MyTopFace Experts hair for a week or two now, and they are completely smitten, we love how strengthening and conditioning it is, and we feel like our hair is being pampered on a daily basis with this awesome detangling and styling hair brush, and definitely recommend adding this into your daily hair care routine, you’ll feel the difference in your hair’s condition within days!


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