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Interview With James Vincent From The Makeup Show

James Vincent at work

As a leading guide in the world of beauty, it is important for us to know new brands, places, and events so we can share it with you on the pages of our MyTopFace guide. We have visited The Makeup Show just recently to see new brands and new products and to speak with the Director of Education and Artist Relations James Vincent.

The day before the show, we were invited to the press conference where we met James and all the brands before the opening. The conference started from James’s speech where he told about makeup show and community, and how he became a makeup artist – we were touched by his words and knew we have to interview him.

The next day we went to see the actual show where we saw new makeup techniques, skincare trends, unique brands, and masterclasses. The Makeup Show takes places in different states – we definitely recommend visiting the show!

James Vincent Charles Fox

James, how did your makeup career begin?

I was always intrigued by old Hollywood films and horror movies as well as the makeup bands and musicians used for album covers and music videos. I was a club kid in Atlanta and NYC and experimented with makeup but it wasn’t until I was hired to be part of the team that launched MAC Cosmetics in the very early days. Working for MAC opened me up to so many opportunities and I started assisting makeup artists like Billy B and Kevyn Aucoin and working with celebrities and musicians for music videos and magazines.

What’s your must-have makeup product/tools?

– TwinMedix Moisturizer
– Viseart 01 Neutral Palette
– Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer
– Kevyn Aucoin The Eyelash Curler
Danessa Myricks Color FIxx
– Senna Brow Fix

the makeup show mytopface

What’s your morning/evening skincare routine?

Dr. Perricone CBD Cleanser for Men
– Clarisonic
– Limelife One Drop Wonder
– Seed Phytonutrients Serum
TwinMedix Recover Eye Cream
– B3 Balm Lillie Oil
– B3 Beard Balm

At night
– TwinMedix Vitamin A

What’s your favorite makeup look?

I would say my style is minimal glamour with a Rock N Roll edge. I am inspired by my rock clients like Joan Jett and Debbie Harry and Amy Winehouse and Courtney Love. I get inspiration from music and museums and so many things around me. I love to study fine art and incorporate it into my applications

the makeup show makeup

How did your team come up with an idea of a makeup show? 

Shelly Tagged and The Powder Groups, Michael DeVellis created The Makeup Show to bring the ideas of Inspiration, education, and community to the industry. At that time education was non-existent and the community was not thought about in this competitive industry. They created that. There was a trade show but they didn’t provide education for pros or experiences.

Tell us more what’s your podcast is about?

Danessa and I wanted to create a podcast that was authentic in its information and intimate but inspiring for makeup pros and makeup lovers. We tackle topics like career building and product but also discuss tough to talk issues like colorism, sexism, and redefining success.

If you create your own brand – what would it be?

I have had a few color lines of my own and each has had some degree of success winning awards like WWD Newcomer of the year and such. My current brand is called Rebels and Outlaws NYC and it is a company dedicated to creating a product that allows makeup artists and all people to prepare their space, curate something special and protect their energy. It is a wellness-focused line of candles, crystals, toners, brush cleansers and more that uses organic ingredients, colors, crystals and herbs to help set the intention and create a beautiful atmosphere.

the makeup show

What’s your favorite trend in makeup right now?

Natural skin, softer brow and bold color and texture for the eyes.

What are your favorite makeup artists?

I think Dick Page has influenced my minimal style. Kevin Aucoin influenced my passion for finding structure in my makeup. Linda Cantello influenced my love of collaboration and my humility on set. Billy B influenced me to be generous with my assistant. Maurice Stein inspired me to surround myself with other talented artists and Pat McGrath inspired me to look beyond the basics and create something that speaks to my legacy. I have been fortunate enough to assist see the biggest in the business. As far as artists I am fans of Danessa Myricks, she is magic for me. A true innovator. I love Lorcan Jude Devaney @lorcansface for his music inspired and emotional masterpieces and Simone @noah.faun has such imagination and power. Patti Dubroff and Charlotte Willer really celebrate skin. Einat Dan and Vanessa Davis are so dynamic. There are so many who I love and I get to work with and call a friend.

We are looking forward to see The Makeup Show next year!


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