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ittse Cute Customizable Makeup Eye Shadows

In today’s world we have unlimited choices. From what we eat to what we watch on tv. And now we can create our own makeup color palettes and easily change them thanks to Ittse. Now they are not the first to come up with individualized compacts, but they have certainly perfected the concept and made it super easy. Here at MyTopFace we were excited to have the ability to quickly change our compacts for any reason. Seriously, any reason and in seconds. What can we say, a gal needs variety!

For a night out, our experts tried the rich Montmartre matte shadow with a variety of shimmers. And for a glamourous day trip to the beach…we used  the shimmery Tan Lines eye shadow and creamy Bare Canvas matte shadow. The matte colors are richly pigmented and go on smoothly. The shimmers offer gorgeous and deeply saturated colors. All of the pigments were long lasting and did not cake in the folds of our eyes.


Unlike other compact sets, this is completely customizable and super easy to change out because it’s magnetic. You can put 1, 2…up to 12 different colors in one. Everyone at MyTopFace enjoyed the freedom to hand pick which colors suited them. And the best part is if you want to travel light, you pop a few out. Or if going on a trip, you can pack a bunch of colors without having to bring lots of compacts. The combinations are limitless!

The case is lightweight and simple. The mirror is the perfect size to see your whole face. And the packaging is super sweet with delicate city scenes with open windows offeiring glimpses into the inhabitants worlds. The box is so cute one of our testers is keeping the box to store stamps.


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