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JET Cosmetics: The Body Butter and Lipstick

JET Cosmetics Blossom Body Butter

JET Cosmetics is a brand created by celebrity makeup artist from Maryland – LaShella Miller and provides a range of products from lipstick to anti-aging skin care and a full line of color cosmetics. Considering such a variety we were interested to try something from both lines.

Going through the list of available beauty gems from JET Cosmetics we decided to check on the body butter and lipstick. The Body Butter Collection has scents for men and women, among tropical, fresh and fruit our expert chose Blossom scent with notes of Vanilla, African Musk, Amber, and Orchid. The main ingredients of the product are Shea and Mango Butter, Vitamin E that help to hydrate and moisturize skin as well as serves as sun protection, and Oils that even skin tone, aid in collagen production and even reduce inflammation.

The collection was designed as an anti-aging product that nourishes skin all over your body and helps to get rid toxic preservatives, chemicals, and other elements proved to be harmful to the skin.

The Body Butter Blossom has no dyes or perfumes and has an unusual flowery smell coming from its organic ingredients. The product is a light color and has a waxy texture (like a candle), it is easily spreadable all over the body and feels really good on the skin. The great fact about this product is that usually, brands make products for the face and neck area while JET created butter for the whole body.

After using the product for one week MyTopFace expert reported that skin felt well nourished and protected. Especially she was happy about the effect that product made to the feet/sole, knees and elbow area.

MTF hack: don’t forget to detoxify your skin at least once a month to keep it nourish and hydration.

Since JET offers a whole variety of products in their color cosmetics line, from eyeshadows to accessories we really wanted to try out something from a lipstick collection that is called Affine Levres. Red color lipstick is too common, so our expert went for a Fuschia light and bright pink color as it would be a great color for a night out or other occasions for bright makeup colors.

JET Cosmetics Fuchsia Lipstick

This is a creamy lacquer texture lipstick and it feels on the lips as great beautiful as it looks. Lipstick is easy to apply and whenever you put it on your lips you start feeling a hydrating effect. All products from JET color cosmetics line are free of harming chemicals, cruelty-free and have organic ingredients.

MyTopFace is happy to add Body Butter and Fuschia Lipstick to our list of tested products and we’re can say that products from JET Cosmetics delivered a great result!


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