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John Barrett Haircut and Braids with Kayley

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If you are having an event or a special occasion and you are looking to get your hair and makeup done by professionals, what could be better than getting it done at one of the best salons in the city? Probably only getting your hair and makeup was done at one of the best salons and by one of the top NYC artists!

Since this is exactly our situation we have made an appointment for our expert at John Barrett and interviewed Kayley who performed amazing hair transformation.

John Barrett is one of the leading salons and mastermind behind most fashionable women and celebrities for the past 23 years. We have visited the salon before, however, since then the salon has changed its location from Bergdorf Goodman to 36 East 57th street and it was time to visit again and see what changed!

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Kayley, what made you choose the hair industry? 

I always had a passion for beauty and fashion since I was a child. I also love arts and crafts. Being creative makes me happy. The hair industry is the best junction of all of them.

How did you start working at John Barrett?

I started working at John Barrett when I first moved to NYC thirteen years ago. I walked in and the HR manager interviewed me right away and I started working a couple of days later.

I saw a write up about John Barrett in one of the tourist magazines that he was a wonderful luxury salon at Bergdorf Goodman. I used to work at Neman Marcus so I knew Bergdorf Goodman was a great place to start working plus he had good reviews.

What’s your favorite hairstyle trend to perform?

My favorite hairstyle to perform is updos. I love it because it’s the most creative thing in the styling department. I get to be creative.

What’s is the most popular hair services at John Barrett salon? 

I would say the most popular hair service at John Barrett would be color/highlights along with haircuts and blowouts.

john barrett braids

Our expert received braids and hair trimming service, please tell us about the steps by step process.

Steps to achieving MyTopFace look:
– Shampoo and condition with Milbon smooth line.
– Comb and cut an inch off.
– Apply Milbon heat protectant and anti-frizz serum before the blowout.
– For preparation for the braid, I used Shu Uemura shape paste to grip the braid and settle down the fly away.
– I used elastic bands and Bobby pins to hold up the braids.
– One inch curling iron to curl the hair.
– Shu Uemura hairspray to set the look and curls.

What’re three must-have products which you can’t live without?

My 3 must-have products are Milbon anti-frizz serum/heat protectant, Shu Uemura hairspray and Milbon thickening/volume mist.

What’s your beauty credo? Clean, texture and balance.

What are your favorite tips for relaxation?

Stretch, running(workout), travel, massage.

john barretts braids

What’s your personal hair routine?

My personal routine is simple. I wash my hair every day with shampoo and conditioner.  Apply heat protector and oil. Rough dry and curl with a curling iron or flat iron, or in a ponytail or up in a bun.

What’s your recommendation for healthy & gorgeous hair?

Wash and condition and use heat protecting products. Conditioning treatment two times a month.

After the hair was done, Lenny, the makeup artist at John Barrett created a natural look for MyTopFace expert using a brand called Trinny London that is exclusively represented in the salon.


john barett makeup

Lenny has chosen a color palette and products specifically to fit experts skin ethnicity and color of her hair&eyes based on online profile at Trinny London which he creates before.

Products that were used for makeup look:
Skin – light
Eye – Izzy, BFF cream light
Just a touch – Klara
The right light – Starlight
Golden glow – Soala(bronzer)
Eye2eye – Mystery, Magician, Faith
Lip glow – Maddie

The John Barrett salon is the place where you should go whenever you need high-quality beauty services. Our expert reported – “Kayley is a true hair magician who can tame any type of hair and make them into braids, bridal updo, fashion ponytail or do an amazing haircut, while Lenny is a master to create a makeup look for any occasion!”

mytopface photoshoot
@ksenia__nyc and @yulia_nar_photography in a collaboration with CEO Portrait Studio (@ceoportrait)


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