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Keep Your Feet Soft and Polished Like Baby Skin with Enji Happy Care

Enji Happy Care

Whether you are walking on the beach, or taking a short trip down to the mailbox without any shoes on, you want to make sure your feet are always looking nice. Just below we talk about our newest and most valuable discovery that can help you take care of your callus and corns.

Callus and Corn Remover

Enji Callus and Corn RemoverWith the weather warming up, that gives us all the more reason to start wearing sandals, open-toed shoes, and flip-flops. With the traffic caused by nice weather and the jam-packed salons, taking care of your feet in the comfort of your own home doesn’t seem too bad now that you think about it. Keeping your feet up to par is a must. Enji Prime has a Callus and Corn Remover that we had to try.

Our Mytopface Experts like the thought of spending money on batteries rather than pedicures. This battery operated machine is easily refillable once the batteries are no longer useable. When going to a nail salon you assume the risk of getting an infection when coming into contact with the unsanitized tools they use on your feet. Our Experts shared their nightmare salon stories from being cut with sharp tools, getting a toe infection, and even walking out the same way they came in because the waiting line went on for hours. Some of these stories might sound all too familiar to you, too.

Now our Experts are happy they can get their nails done at any time of any day, and at their own pace. The machine comes with two switchable rollers for a customized pedicure. The rollers rotate for you, so it doesn’t take much energy to get the job done. The rollers are safer than scrapers and blades. If there ever is too much pressure applied, there’s a safety switch-lock. If you like to remove your callus and corn in your bathroom, this machine is also safe to use in water, so no water damage! The rollers are gentle enough to be put to your skin, so make sure to get into all over those areas for smoother, beautiful feet.

Enji Callus Remover

One of our Mytopface Experts prefers to walk around house barefoot, which makes her skin tough around heels. She spends countless hours in the salon getting her feet back to normal after every winter, but now she can cut the time and energy in half with new Callus and Corn Remover. Feeling confident is a feeling everyone wants to feel. If you or someone you know can use a confidence boost, try out this Callus and Corn Remover. It makes the perfect gift for all ages, and for all reasons.

Whether you just simply have dry skin, you constantly walk barefoot, or your feet are just overworked, give them a break, and show them some attention. And some attention is the right attention! This Callus and Corn Remover is different than all other machines simply because it is battery operated, safe, cost-effective, and made by people who really care.

Callus Remover By Enji

Jump right into the nice Spring and Summer days with your feet looking as polished as ever.

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