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Kim Kardashian Makeup tips

Kim Kardashian Makeup tips

Kim Kardashian Makeup tips.

We usually think about the various fashion shows, when we think about the makeup of Kim Kardashian. Kim Kardashian who is famed for her body curves and her beauty tricks, never makes an appearance without a colorful makeup. The makeup artist for Kim Kardashian is Mario Dedivanovic, who stands behind the elegance of Kim Kardashian’s makeup.

Normally, it is a strategy by every makeup artist to use the same family colors for cheeks and lips. But Kim Kardashian throws out the new strategy by going for pink blush and peach lips with very outstanding results. So through Kim Kardashian’s makeup, it is proved that contrasting shades are also pretty good, not jarring. Also, usually, mono chromatic palette works on every faces. On the lovely Kim Kardashian skin tone, apricot tones suits very well especially for radiance and beach and from this, it looks like that contrasting color tones will also work gorgeous on any skin tone.

Makeup for Glowing Bronze Skin

If one wants to be a master in their own golden glow, similar to Kim Kardashian’s makeup, then without hesitation go for a bronzer shade and apply a light hint of shimmer.

Kim Kardashian Makeup tips

Makeup for lips

Sometimes Kim Kardashian’s makeup consists of a hot-pink lipstick which is just playful, fun and provides a bright pop of a color. For gaining attention from a crowd, Kim Kardashian goes for pink-red lip gloss, which has an impact similar to that of a bright crimson lipstick.

Kim Kardashian Makeup tips

Makeup for eyes

Apart from the above, Kim Kardashian’s makeup for various shows concentrates on her eyes. Usually, Kim Kardashian’s make up consists of various shades and colors for the eyes. If one wants to use the trick of Kim Kardashian’s eye makeup, then one may use a dark gray shadow layering along with a dark grape shade or with strong purple undertones over the favorite gray shade. In the opening ceremony for a famous New York Dash store, even all the three of Kim Kardashian sisters carried excellent makeup looks, but the pure element which stole the show was Kim Kardashian’s brown eye shadow. It is the flawless pick for brown eyes. Kim Kardashian’s make up for the eyes re- affirmed the fact that for a perfect look, one may go for one step darker or lighter color shade than their eye color. For Cleopatra style eyeliner, Kim Kardashian goes for rimmed black and white eye look. To do so, one may color the inner rims of the eyes by means of using white eyeliner pencil. Apparently Kim Kardashian loves to wear golden hues along her bottom eyelash and also liquid eyeliner to complete the work. According to Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist, Kim Kardashian loves to have her signature long lashes, every time she ventures out for any functions or shows. To add volume to Kim Kardashian eye lashes, Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist sweeps on two coats by using voluminous mascara so that it provides a bold eyebrow for Kim Kardashian.

If one is really attracted by Kim Kardashian’s makeup and her contoured appearance but do not have the required time to spend for all of the makeup procedures, then just apply a highlighter to your forehead and the jaw line and also the bridge of one’s nose and blush on the cheekbones for a delicate contour.

Kim Kardashian Makeup tips



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