Kingirls Macaron Sheet Masks

Asian beauty products are having a moment. It seems like every girl is dying to know the secrets of the Asian cultures perfectly polished skin, and steal their regimens for their own. This time, MyTopFace Experts tried out a piece of the craze for ourselves to see what it’s all about. After our last few reviews, it is clear to see we have been having a love affair with sheet masks, so this fun line seemed like a natural next step for us to try! Sheet masks are such an easy and relaxing way to improve your complexion. There are so many different kinds for any skin type or need. We at MyTopFace got very excited to try the adorable Macaron masks from KinGirls. This line is based on the ideals of combining the chic Parisian macaron dessert with the beauty moxie of natural essential oils. The brand has a range of seven “flavors”, each one with their own beauty properties and we were excited to try three of these!

Kingirls Macaron Mask

It should be noted that this line has some of the cutest packaging we have ever seen- hands down. Unfolding the scalp edged cardboard envelope that is closed with golden medallion sticker felt like unwrapping an invitation to a fabulous dinner party, but this time we were attending in our PJs. Even better! These masks are single use, coming prepped and primed for a perfect experience. We take out the circular plastic mask packaging and dig in. Another point of note is that they are made from zero preservatives or chemical additives and only use natural essential oils so automatically our noses are intrigued. KinGirls use no fragrance oils so this smell is totally natural. There is a strong aroma that reminds us of a calming spa radiating from the packaging. This scent definitely seems more along the lines of a spa treatment than baked goods but in our books, that’s better for something that is about to be on your face.

KinGirl masks are definitely on the thin side so the ladies at the helm of this Taiwanese brand have come up with a solution. These masks come with two layers. One paper-thin face shaped mask with cut-outs for eyes, nose, and mouth and a plastic white layer to assist with application. One unique aspect to these masks is they have cut out loops to place your ears in. This is intended to make for a more securely fitting mask and give it a way to hold more closely to your face. It should be noted that while we applaud the effort made here by the brand we only used these ear loops on our first mask. MyTopFace beauty experts didn’t like that the product got into our hair while using the mask this way, when you’re obsessed with your blowout getting product in your hair just will not do.

We started our at home Parisian themed spa adventure with the Jasmin and Neroli Macaroon mask. The Jasmine and Neroli Mask is designed to calm and soothe the skin with the two main ingredients being Bitter Orange Flower extract and Jasmine Flower extract. This product is also designed with all skin types in mind but can specifically be used for those of us with an oily completion who are looking for moisture and a soft healthy glow. After our 20 minute application, we are left with clean fresh skin. While the power behind these masks was not white as intense as some of the other high-end masks we have tried, we loved the clean and fresh feeling we got from this product and would definitely use again when our skin might not be feeling its brightest.

MTF beauty hack: these masks come with tons of extra liquid product that sits in the package after removing the mask. When you are done applying the sheet to your face, get out that extra product and slather it on top of the mask for a more hydrating and refreshing experience. You can also use this extra product to help push down any bubbling you are experiencing with your mask!

Kingirls Multi-Fruit Extract Sheet Mask

A few nights later we tried out another one of our flavors the Multi-Fruit Extract Face Mask. This mask has ingredients like Grape Seed, Kiwi Extract and Pineapple Extract making for a refreshing and cooling scent. We will say that the aroma of this product isn’t as strong as the jasmine mask it’s still a nice light citrusy smell that we would love to do in the morning to start our day properly. After applying our skin definitely felt smoother and a bit brighter! The Multi- Fruit Extract Face Mask is designed for any skin types and was gentle on our skin if you’re at all sensitive.

MTF Beauty Hack: We would recommend using the Multi- Fruit Extract Face Mask in the morning. The product has a fair amount of orange and citric acids which are the perfect morning pick me up before your cup of coffee.

Kingirl Macron Sheet Masks on Display

Finally, we try the Raspberry Extract Invisible Face Mask. This mask boasts essential oils from raspberry, pomegranate and orange peel extract. This was our favorite mask out of the bunch. The smell was light fruity, but still had a lavender aroma that evoked the same spa-like relaxing quality we loved in the first mask. After our 20-min application, our complexion was left the softest we have felt yet with the KinGirl mask line. Our rough areas were left soft and soothed and we noticed that our makeup went on more smoothly after. Our skin continued to feel substantially more hydrated for quite a few days after our Rasberry “dessert”.

Overall, we would recommend these sheet masks and are excited to try more of them. For their low price of $5.50 per mask, they are a great value for a quick skin pick me up between more restorative or intense treatments. They are a light refreshing treatment that soothed and smoothed our skin. We would highly recommend picking up these masks and digging in for a french delight!


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