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Kybella at Plastic Surgery Center


As women, we are self-conscious about MANY things. Among the greatest of these insecurities is often far beyond our control, and up until recently, was not able to be corrected without major plastic surgery – a double chin. Often hereditary, this subliminal under chin fat is a serious nuisance for so many women past a certain age.  It used to be the case that the only way to correct this was major plastic surgery, here enters the amazing Kybella! The new and innovative cosmetic injectable making its way onto the anti-aging scene. This solution is the first and currently the only injectable designed to do away with our stubborn double chin. It boasts impressive stats, minimal downtime, low chance of risk or side effect – it’s easy to say we were SOLD.

We were thrilled to get to try out this new offering with one of the top plastic surgeons in Manhattan Corinne E. Horn, MD of NY facial plastics. We sat down with her for this procedure and to speak more about her impressive practice.

MyTopFace: Tell us more about your practice, what inspired you to get into plastics?

Dr. Horn: I loved that the field of facial plastics merges the technical aspects of surgery with the art of aesthetics.  As a child I was an avid sewer and tailor, designing and making clothes, arts and crafts with my sewing machine and with hands.  I feel like facial plastic surgery is a natural creative extension of those childhood instincts

MyTopFace: What is your favorite procedure to perform that you find most rewarding?

Dr. Horn: Rhinoplasty and nasal surgery are extremely rewarding—you can change someone’s life by allowing them to both breathe better and improve their external appearance.  Those patients are so grateful!

MyTopFace: Tell us more about Kybella and what it’s benefits are?

Dr. Horn:  Kybella is excellent for dissolving localized fat deposits.  It is not a tool for global weight loss, but can certainly offer spot improvement under the chin and other areas.  For patients who are not interested in surgery or can’t take post-operative downtime, it is a perfect choice.

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MyTopFace: How exactly does Kybella work?

Dr. Horn:  It ruptures the membranes of fat cells and dissolves them permanently.  It also causes a mild inflammatory reaction that tightens and contracts the skin once the fat volume is gone.  This happens slowly over the course of 8-12 weeks.

MyTopFace: Who would you recommend Kybella to? Who is the ideal patient?

Dr. Horn:  Typically a younger patient with good skin elasticity and mild to moderate fatty tissue under the chin (or in other areas)

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MyTopFace: How long will results last? Is this a permanent solution?

Dr. Horn:  The fat is permanently dissolved and will not return, but if the patient gains substantial weight, any remaining fat cells in the treated area can enlarge in size—but they will always be at an advantage for having dissolved the fatty cells previously

MyTopFace: If you could give one piece of beauty advice to a younger self- what would it be?

Dr. Horn:  Stay out of the sun!!!

After learning more about Kybella from the incredible Doctor Horn, we were excited to get started. We arrived at her Midtown East Location ( she also has offices on the Upper West Side) and was warmly greeted by her kind staff and by Dr. Horn herself.

We started our process by of course cleaning the area with alcohol, after this a sticker is applied to our under-chin area with a lot of tiny black dots, these will guide Dr. Horn on where to inject the Kybella needle for optimal results. The average patient receives about 20 injections!! We were then given a numbing injection to minimize pain. After this, we got started with our Kybella treatment! To be perfectly honest with our readers, this procedure was not painful for us. After we received numbing treatment we did not feel very much of anything. Dr. Horn is also a wonderful, careful practitioner as we had absolutely no bruising or marks after our appointment. It was a bit scary laying back and exposing your neck ( such a vulnerable area!) to needles, but no pain, no gain and we quickly got over this after a few moments.

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The injector uses between one and three vials of Kybella per procedure in the under-chin area. One considering getting Kybella injections should know that it could take between 2 and 4 treatments for your best results based on the levels of subliminal fat you have in the area, and the elasticity of your skin. Dr. Horn tells us while Kybella is currently only approved by the FDA for the under-chin area, it can do amazing things in under parts of the body, if you’re willing to pay the price. “Kybella can do amazing things on the abdomen and might be a perfect solution for those who have already tried something like CoolSculpting, but still have a tiny bit more stubborn fat they’d like to get rid of!”

For a few hours post treatment, we were slightly uncomfortable, but it felt more like a muscle soreness than any actual pain. Very tolerable with Motrin and an icepack. It’s extremely important to know that you will be very swollen for a few days after this treatment and have a “bullfrog” bulge. If you are sensitive feel you won’t be able to attend events looking a bit puffy, we would recommend doing this over a long weekend or giving yourself a few weeks between this treatment and any major events you might have. But it’s important to know that the swelling means the injectables are doing their job and the medication is working to dissolve fat. There’s also a fair amount of volume that is attributed to the Kybella solution that needs to break down before swelling subsides.

Dr. Horn is a wonderful practitioner and we felt so comfortable in her very capable hands. If you are looking for an AMAZING plastics doctor in Manhattan, look no further the NY Facial Plastics.


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