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L’Apartment – Japanese Manicure & Nail Art with Aki

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Did you know that the art of manicure is very old and at first was mostly used by men?
It all started about 2,000 BC in Babylon and the colors of manicure represented to which class person belonged to. At that time manicure was done with tools made of solid gold!
The first traces of nail polish were found even earlier, about 3,500 BC in China, which makes it ancient art that is still living with us.
Of course, these days manicure is being done differently, as our tools and products changed a lot, however, we still do the same procedure. There were many changes in products especially in the past 100 years: in 1920 when the auto industry started growing women in the US used a car-polish to color nails until more safe and healthy products were introduced to the market.
There are different types of manicure, it varies by approach, products, or even the country, so today our expert going to the L’apartment salon for the Japanese manicure service and interviewing Aki – the nail artist.
– Aki, please tell us, how did your journey in the nail industry start?
It all started in Osaka Japan, I have been a nail artist for 12 years now. When I was a little girl I used to always draw in my school books and recreating the pictures I have seen in the magazines. I would to also go to the nails shows, I would practice on my friends’ nails. I went to Beauty College for 2 years. I got my license and started immediately working for a big nail company in Japan. I moved to the USA and started doing nails for models in fashion week, big magazines and commercials.
– How Japanese manicure is different from European/another manicure?
We are very creative, Japanese nail art is a lot of  “Kawaii” nail art. Japanese nail design is a lot of hand art like Anime character or decorated with Swarovski crystal. European nail art is usually very simple not many designs or hand painted art.
– What products are you working on your unique nail design?
I am using Artgenic gel which is a Japanese gel brand. This product is guaranteed formaldehyde free. Formaldehyde is a toxic chemical typically used in construction in glues. Artgenic gel is a safe brand to use on the nails and easy to create designs.
– Do you have a daily nail care routine?
I use Dr. Nail Deep Serum every day on my nails, It makes my nails healthy and strong. I also moisturize daily with Dior Creme Abricot, it’s also great for the cuticle.
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– What’s your favorite polish you wear when you get Mani/Pedi for yourself?
My favorite polish when I get a manicure and pedicure is Deborah Lippman in color “Hotline Bling” & “Tiny Dancer”
– What are the nail design trends for summer 2019?
Summer 2019 nail design trends are tie-dye & a lot of neon colors.
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– How to become a successful celebrity nail artist, like you?
Speed, Quality & Great Service!
The expert reported – ‘I had a wonderful experience with Aki – she is a true guru of nail art. She has incredible attention to details and knows what the client wants. I am happy with every part of the process starting from preparation, the actual process, and extremely hard design. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting that my art, would even be accepted, but Aki even managed to draw small cranes flying above the sea. The size of the bird drawn is probably less than 1mm. This is not a quick on-the-go service, but a royal service that is done properly and requires time’.
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