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Lash Lift at Glamor Skin Studio with Sophia

Glamor Skin is a studio located in the heart of Financial District on the broadway. The studio specializes in chemical peels, facials, and brows & lash services. Our expert met Sophia Glamor Skin professional to get lash-lift service and interview her about the studio and the services they offer.

How did your beauty journey begin?
I have a great interest in beauty and fashion. I was 19 years old when I was determined to attend beauty school. It brings me excitement when I enhance the beauty in others. I say enhance because I believe everyone is unique and beautiful in their own way. Natural beauty can be enhanced through individuals and their unique expressions. I have been in the skin care industry for over 10 years. I’m currently working with different techniques to enhance beauty, such as microblading and lash lift. I began microblading 2 years ago and I have recently added the lash lift treatment as a service.

Glamor Skin Broadway

What services are the most popular in your beauty spot?
At GLAMORSKIN, the custom facials, lash lift and tint, microblading, and power-effect brows are most in-demand.

Can customers get a lash lift on the same day/time as a facial?
Facials can be done prior to lash lift. Lashes need to stay dry for 24 hours after the treatment, therefore a facial cannot be done at the same time or right after lash lift.

Is there any maintenance for best-looking lashes after the treatment?
After the treatment, both lashes and the area surrounding the eyes need to remain dry for 24 hours. Nothing should be in contact with the eyes.

Glamor Skin Lash Service

Can you wear mascara after the lash lift?
After lash lift, mascara can be applied after 24 hours.

Why can’t clients wear waterproof mascara?
Clients can wear both regular and waterproof mascara. However, it has to be 24 hours after the lash lift.

Glamor Skin Sophie

How is lash lift different from a lash perm?
Lash lift is a safer and newer generation of the lash perm.

Is lash lift damaging to your natural lashes?
Lash lift does not damage your natural lashes.

lash lift

Are some lashes resistant to the curl?
Usually, they are not. However, there are some cases where it can be.

Is this procedure good for everyone?
It is not recommended for those who have short lashes. The best results come from clients who have long lashes. The perfect candidate would be a client who wants longer lashes but doesn’t want to have lash extensions.

Glamor Skin Lash Lift

What are some of your favorite beauty secrets?
My favorite beauty secrets are, keep your skin fully hydrated, never forget to exfoliate, and always wear SPF. Also, lash lift is a convincing natural method of enhancing your beauty.


Right after the lash lift our expert was going to a fashion event and she reported: ‘I feel confident with my new lash-look! I am very happy with the service and the result. My lashes look brilliant! Sophia is very friendly and a true perfectionist that knows how to make customers happy’.

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