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Liangtse Wellness is a SPA with over 500 locations around the world and is a leader in the wellness industry. This is a Chinese health and wellness center that offers traditional methods and treatments specializing in different types of massage, cupping therapy, facial beauty, and Moxa Healing Therapy.

Our expert came in for Moxa and Complete Massage and during our visit, we interviewed DJ Liu the owner or the Liangtse and Kelly is the head of the massage therapists.

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When our expert came to Liangtse she felt like she had a trip to China: interior and decor of the SPA are very traditional and luxury, made in relaxing natural colors wood, brown, white, green. You see lots of flowers everywhere!

MyTopFace expert was greeted at reception and taken into the massage room. Before the procedure started the masseur asked questions about pain and main areas to focus on such as neck and shoulders.


The treatments started from deep tissue massage and followed with moxa therapy or moxibustion. The therapy cosists of burning moxa to warm specific regions of the body, the meridian points, the same ones that used in acupuncture, to stimulate circulation, improve blood flow and qi energy, and has a healing and calming effect. The moxa itself is a fluffed and a dried medicinal herb called Mugwort or another name is Artemisia.

moxa healing therapy

The moxa healing therapy takes about 45 minutes during which you lay on a massage table while a special machine heats herbs and aims heat to specific areas that need attention. This is a very unusual experience if you haven’t tried traditional Chinese medicine therapies before.

After the treatment was done MyTopFace expert was offered tea and snacks and it was time to speak with DJ Liu.

DJ Liu, what inspired you to open Liangtse in NY?
I want to bring traditional Chinese massage to the U.S. with New York licensed therapists who are also knowledgable in acupoints, nerves, and traditional Chinese medicine. I want New Yorkers to get to know and benefit from traditional Chinese massage and traditional Chinese medicine in a comfortable environment.

What’s your health approach? What’re the services you do regularly for distress your body/mind?

I have stiff neck and shoulder, like many young professionals sitting by their desks or looking at their phones constantly. So I love a good neck and shoulder massage. I also go for a complete massage and Moxa Healing Therapy to distress. It looks counterintuitive to have a herb-infused machine heating up your body during summer, but I do Moxa even more often in summer than winter, since the air conditioning can infuse coldness and dampness in human bodies, which results in Rheumatoid arthritis. So having Moxa Healing Therapy all year round is a great investment to keep the physical condition at the prime.

What kind of benefits does moxibustion have?

This therapy is highly effective in treating pain, ailments, and other internal health problems. It’s also reported to help alleviate chronic pain.

When is moxibustion usually used?
It can be applied all year long. When bothered by pain, come in to check with our therapists about whether it’s a good idea to apply moxa might help immensely.

How do you balance your Chi energy?

I occasionally go through Moxa Healing Therapy. It’s great for balancing my chi (or qi, so we call it). And if I get sick, like having a cold or fever, I sometimes use ginseng to advance my qi and help with my internal healing.

liangtse wellness dj liu

What’re your tips for relaxation?

I try to sleep and wake up on time. I also like to relax my body and mind by going to massages regularly.

Kelly, how you become a therapist?
I’ve always been interested in healing people with my hands.

Who is the best candidate for Moxa and Complete Massage and what’s the benefits it’s involved?

People who have dampness in their bodies benefit from Moxa Healing Therapy the most. And Complete Massage is really for everyone. We recommend relaxing muscles for at least 90 minutes every week. It relaxes both people’s bodies and minds, which help them to achieve a more efficient and energetic stage for the coming challenges.

You used for MyTopFace expert Jasmine oil during the procedure what’s the advantages of it?
Jasmine oil can relaxes the muscle tissues.

What’s your favorite treatment to perform and why?

My favorite treatment is moxa therapy because moxa can tonify the meridian, which helps the overall energy of my body.

What’re your hacks to be healthy physically and spiritually?

I usually meditate.

Our expert reported: – “It was a pleasant and very interesting visit to Liangtse! I enjoyed every moment of it and learned something new.”

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MyTopFace Hack: To feel confident and comfortable, before the massage procedure instead of your normal underwear wears a swimsuit without a cup. It is easy to remove and its easier to clean if needed.

Instead of wearing something heavy, wear a dress with light fabric – it won’t stick to the body after procedure providing your skin with necessary air and ventilation.

We are obsessed with WET Swimwear brand! Special thanks for providing total look for MyTopFace expert.


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