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LimeCrime Makeup Tutorial

lime crime makeup
1st step – Eye primers will enhance the longevity of a Pigment upon the eyes. No fancy brush is needed to apply the REEMA Beauty Eye Concealer , pressing with light force with the finger onto the lids.

2nd step – Using the Lime Crime Venus palette. Begging to add Warmth to eyes, you would need to apply Rebirth in the eye socket area. Using a light bristle Brush such as the M.A.C 224 Blending Brush in Windshield / Circle technique.
3rd step -Defining the crease by applying a light cranberry shade. Using Venus to give to look more color. Using the  M.A.C 224 Blending Brush only towards the crease line in windshield wiper motions.
4th step – Applying Creation towards the mid lid blame towards the other corner of the crease. By doing so will give more definition towards the eye. Using the Sephora Shadow Brush.
5th step – The final steps in the for this Eyeshadow process is adding the smoke and intensity to the eyes. Using Icon to distribute structure to the outer lids of the eyes and blending with the Sephora Shadow Brush inwards to create an Ombré effect.
6th step – Our goal for this step is to give the eyes more attention and Awarnes. Packing Aura to the high ends of the Tear duct towards the mid lid with a Morphe Defining detail brush. To give a metallic Shine to the look you will need to apply product to the brush and give 2 sprays of M.A.C fix Plus
7th step – To make sure you pull the look together. Apply the Younique Perfect Black cream liner to your water line.
8th step – Your wing liner must be as sharp and defined as possible. In order to achieve a wing creating a line going outwards towards the eyebrow tail. Guiding inwards from the outer point into a triangle to the inner corner of the eye.
9th step – Giving the Lashes a few coats with the Mavala VL Lengthen volumizing mascara.
10th – You can never go out with out the Highlight to complete the look. Applying BECCA skin perfect or in ” Champagne Pop ” to the high ends of the brow bone to the cheek bones.
11th – Finishing the look off with the Lime Crime liquid Matt lipstick in Wicked.


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