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LXMI Organic and Natural Skincare

LXMI Organic Skincare

LXMI is pronounced as Luxe-Me and is named after four-handed Hindu Goddess.
The brand is based on three principles – pure, rare, and, deep. Pure – what you put on your skin should be pure and safe enough to eat, rare – rare organic ingredients, deep – beauty is deeper than a skin deep.

LXMI’s products main ingredient is Nilotica, a rare relative of shea which is not used often in a cosmetics market because of the costs and sourcing difficulties. Nilotica has 25% more fatty acids and vitamins that dissolve on the skin making it pure and beautiful. The brand created Nilotica Reserve and creating workspaces for women of Uganda through wild harvesting and production of Nilotica.

LXMI created Clean Beauty Code a list of potentially harmful chemicals that are never used as ingredients in their products.

We are very impressed by the story of this brand and what they do, after carefully studying what products they offer, we chose Hydrating Illuminator, Creme Du Nil, and Pure Nilotica Hand & Body melt for our test and review of LXMI products.

We are huge fans of organic makeup especially highlighters but sometimes they cause dryness of the skin, LXMI has an interesting product which called Hydrating Illuminator NILOTICA GODDESS GLOW that can take care of this issue.

LXMI Nilotica Goddess Glow

The Goddess Glow is a product suitable for all skin types powered by Nilotica Reserve organic skincare makeup hybrid that hydrates and illuminates skin. The product has rose shade and can be added to a foundation, SPF tint or as the final step to highlight cheekbones and nose bridge. The product has a creamy texture, you need only a small amount to apply and you feel moisturizing effect right away. It is perfect for all skin shades.

Nilotica Goddess Glow LXMI

CRÈME DU NIL – the product can be used in different ways and is a must-have for every woman. First, it’s Daily Moisturizer to Hydrate Skin and Diminishes Pores, a great preparation for the skin before applying makeup.

LXMI Creme Du Nil

All main ingredients of the product are sourced from Uganda: Hibiscus Sabdariffa exfoliating, moisturizing, antioxidant, Vanilla Planifolia Antioxidant known is one of the powerful anti-inflammatory effects, Vitellaria Nilotica – moisturizing and healing ingredient, and Ugandan Vanilla to preserve skin against the aging process. The product has a very lightweight formula, pillowy texture, and gentle smell, it feels very nice on the skin does not make unnecessary shine.

Creme Du Nil LXMI

MyTopFace hack: wash skin, apply your favorite mist and a small amount of calming oil/serum, then finish by applying CRÈME DU NIL.

PURE NILOTICA HAND & BODY MELT is a single ingredient product, made with 100% pure Organic Vitellaria Nilotica Fruit Butter, harvested seasonally from 20-year old trees, only at the source of the Nile River. This product can be applied anywhere on your body from face to feet. For a test, MyTopFace expert applied this product everywhere: lips, elbows, feet, over the face like a sleeping mask, cuticle, irritated and dry skin in her body.

LXMI Pure Nilotica Melt

Our expert noticed that stretch marks on her legs become less visible after one week of using, skin felt soft and nourished. It is a great solution immediately aftershave have a soothing and calming effect.

Nilotica Pure Melt LXMI

We are impressed with the LXMI and its products, it’s high-level organic products that bring high-quality result fast. You can feel love and purity in the products while using them and they are our new favorites.


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