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Magnificent You – Supplements Just For You

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To support our beauty sometimes we need to take measures from the inside. That’s why this time we decided to review supplements that are very helpful in maintaining and promoting a healthy life for you and your beauty.

These days you can find all kinds of vitamins available on the market, however, we wanted to find a supplement to boost skin, hair, and nails.

We wanted to get a product that is not well known yet, that is not too expensive, but very good in quality. After browsing through dozens of websites and online marketplaces our interest caught Magnificient You supplement. Its description and indication for use say’s: alopecia in women and children, hair structure changes, loss of shine, greasy or dry hair, slow rate of hair growth, hair loss or even hair growth after chemotherapy.

After exchanging few emails with the Magnificient You, we got a product delivered to try ourselves. The supplement comes in a small bottle of a green color that contains 60 pills. The full course takes 20 days where you take one pill three times a day.

The product does not contain hormones. All active ingredients are sourced from natural botanicals and vitamins. During the course, it positively affects the body by a decrease of dihydro-testosterone levels, an increase of estradiol, a decrease of sex hormone-binding globulin, an expression of genes, responsible for the production of all other steroid hormones.

After using the supplement for three weeks our expert reported noticeable positive changes, her damaged by winter weather conditions hair became thicker, shiny and healthy looking. In the three weeks period hair grown for 2 inch, which is nearly twice longer than usual for this period.

magnificent you

The skin on the face area became less oily and very soft. The supplements had a positive effect on the acne that is gone completely.

MyTopFace expert has good and healthy nails, but after using a supplement she reported that she never afraid to break her nail again – how strong they are.

Another interesting fact about this product that some of the women that were testing this supplement reported changes in their breast size and even the development of expressive body language. Another fact that this supplement has shown to alleviate menstrual cramps and pain and help to decrease physiological reactions to menopause and premenopause. This product might be good not just for your skin!

Overall, we are extremely happy with Magnificient You and we’ll be happy to have them on our shelf. This product is not safe for pregnant or breastfeeding.


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