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Makeup Brush Guide

makeup brush guide

It seems to be a common thing amongst women to not understand just how important your makeup brushes are when it comes to properly applying good face and eye makeup. Having a good toolkit to apply all your makeup with is what makes or breaks having your face looking flawless. There’re hundreds of different types of makeup brushes of all different shapes and sizes. Being made from synthetic material or a natural brush made from animal hair. Without the proper knowledge, it’s hard to know which brush to use for what.

So first let’s start off with the difference between natural makeup brushes and synthetic ones. Natural makeup brushes are made from animal hairs. If you are using a natural makeup brush you want to only use powders with this brush. The bristles move easily which pick up more product and blends well on the face. They’re easy to use and long lasting. Synthetic brushes are made from synthetic fibers. They’re more versatile in the fact that you can use them for your powders as well as your liquid makeup. Synthetic bristles also tend to bind together making it easier to get precise lines with your makeup.

Once you decide which type of brush you’re going for you need to know what each type of brush is used for based on their shape.

Fan Brush:

Fan Brush

Fan brushes are a must have if you want to contour your faces. This brush is used to apply highlight and blush on your cheekbones.

Eyebrow Brush:Eyebrow Brush

Brow brushes are self-explanatory and can be used for your eyeshadow but it’s angular shape was meant for precision when filling in your eyebrows.

Powder Brush: Powder Brush

These are very full thick brushes. Very versatile and an essential in your makeup bag. Great for applying all face powders as well as blending them in.

Eye Blending Brush:Eye Blending Brush

A larger version of the brow brush, this has that same angular shape great for precision blending in the crease of your eyelid while applying your eyeshadow

Lip Brush:Lip Brush

Not meant to be confused with full on applying your lipstick or gloss. This brush is meant to get those crisp precise lines around the lips.
Kabuki Brush:Kabuki Brush

These brushes are very easy to spot. Usually having its signature small handle and wide bristles. This a great brush to work your face products into the skin.

Angled Eye Brush:Angled Eye Brush

More precise than the eyebrow brush this is perfect for when trying to create a dramatic eye when applying eye shadow, and even your gel eyeliner.

Eye Shadow Brush:Eye Shadow Brush

This is a great go to, must have in your makeup bag. Great for a very easy basic application of eyeshadow.

Concealer Brush:Concealer Brush

This has the appearance of a larger eye shadow brush. Very narrow with tapered bristles at the end, concealer brushes are designed to make sure your concealer is in its designated area.

Flat Brush:Flat Brush

Another must-have for your brush collection. Perfect for contouring your face. Works well with highlighting, blush, and bronzer.

Blending Brush:Blending Brushbeauty blender

We advise everybody to experiment with both blending brushes and sponges and see what works best when doing your final step of blending all your makeup in.


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