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Discover the Right Makeup for Brown Eyes

Makeup for Brown Eyes

Compared to other eye colors, brown eyes are considered as the easiest ones to choose the right color with. This is simply because brown is a natural, neutral color that can complement almost all the possible makeup shade there is. If a female has brown eyes, then she is truly lucky for she won’t find it hard doing makeup for brown eyes. One will have the chance to try out lots of colors and looks. Most of the time women with different eye color look bad on certain makeup colors, but not on brown eyed women.

Eye Shadow

Makeup for Brown Eyes
Some of the shades that look good when it comes to makeup people with brown eyes include shades such as blue, gray, violet, and plum. Gold and bronze are some of the neutral colors that are best known for enhancing the eye color of an individual. These look best with females with brown eyes. When applying eye shadow one should know that the colors which are darker than the natural colors tend to give out a very powerful, darker dramatic look while lighter colors can help create a delicate look.


Makeup for Brown Eyes
Makeup for brown eyes is a lot easier to create because almost all the colors complete the shade of brown. After getting the right eye shadow, an individual should go for the eyeliner next. Just like mentioned above, all colors are most likely to complement brown eyes. Meaning, one can choose almost any color she likes as long as it looks good with the eye shadow. Before doing the makeup for brown eyes, she should determine the look she wants to achieve first. If one wants to achieve a very natural look, then she should apply the eyeliner in minimal amount. To create a dramatic effect, try matching light colored eye shadow with darker eyeliner.

Makeup Tips

Since one is not limited to the hues and shades she can use, one can try experimenting with all the possible combinations of colors. If one is satisfied with the result, she should definitely go for that look. Of course, don’t forget to remember that the eye shadow and eyeliner should still complement each other. Trying brown colors is not a bad idea. In fact, this looks good. This is one of the reasons why females with brown eyes are very lucky.

If one is still in the verge of finding lots of other makeup styles, then she should try getting help from stylists and professional ones in order to expand one’s idea when it comes to complementing one’s look. This will truly be helpful because one will have greater selections when it comes to choosing the right makeup depending on the occasion or the clothes that she is wearing. Just as mentioned above, never be afraid to try out something new for this might be one’s favorite makeup look right after. Neutral colors, such as gold and bronze, will go best with any occasion and look so if one is in a hurry she better try this on for a quick fix.



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