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Marlene Made Her Mark With Marlene Weber Day Spa

Marlene Weber Day Spa

Marlene Weber Spa

Marlene Weber took homey and classy and clashed the two together. Marlene Weber’s Day Spa is for those of you looking to pamper yourself, be pain-free, stress-free, relaxed, and so much more. Marlene’s Day Spa is for any and everyone looking to take care of their self and being.

With Marlene being a beauty school graduate at the age of 16 and her passion starting at such a young age, you can see how much her hard work paid off. Marlene combs through the ins and outs of her Day Spa while answering each question we have for her.

Mytopface: To start, our Mytopface Expert received a Marlene Weber Signature Facial from a technician named Tammy Pacenza,  What sets Marlene’s Signature Facial apart from all other facials your Salon and Spa offers?

Marlene Weber: This treatment begins with an Aroma Sensory Journey in which the whole premise of the service is based upon. On any given day your ‘state of being’ changes. One day you can be low on energy or tired from a bad nights sleep, or a mind that won’t shut off at bedtime. You may even be overly stressed and irritable. Maybe you’re feeling hyper and cannot sit still or are simply unmotivated or depressed. The Aroma Sensory Journey begins with the guest choosing their correct aroma through the process of smelling each aroma. It is the belief that your body can choose what it needs on any given day to balance your state of being. Once your aroma is chosen we will then incorporate that elemental oil into your treatment via steam towel, massage cream, and inhalation. The Aveda aromatherapy key elements are pure personal blends of oils formulated to balance your nature or state of being. They include fire nature (which is nurturing), infinity nature (which is calming or centering), air nature which is (comforting), earth balance (which is invigorating), and water nature (which is restoring).

In addition to the aromatherapy, we soak and massage the feet and the hands in this treatment for a head to toe experience unlike most facials which do not include the feet. Also, the products we use for the treatment itself is determined by the aestheticians and is completely customized to the needs of that guest. For instance, if the guest feels they need more extractions we allow for that as it is an extensive treatment time of 90 minutes. Lastly, we give the guest a .5 ounce bottle of perfume spirit with their chosen aroma so they may continue to experience aromatherapy at home.

Marlene Weber New York Salon

Mytopface: Before the Facial process starts, is there any practice your technicians go by in order to deliver a most-enjoyable, relaxing session?

Marlene Weber: My aestheticians have been with me for many many years. There is certainly something to be said for a professional who knows how to balance her own energy throughout the day. We stress the need for their down time in between services, are sure to schedule proper meal breaks, and they may take unscheduled breaks when they need them. In addition, each guest comes with a different need, attitude, and day ahead or behind them. It is so important that in the time they are in our treatment rooms our aestheticians promote a tranquil and peaceful service which they do as a matter of intuition. Our rooms are temperature controlled even in spring, summer, winter, or fall. Each facial begins with a hand warming treatment. Heat promotes relaxation from a psychological perspective and triggers the body to relax. This has proven to be a relaxing way to begin our treatments and physically our hands are often hard working and neglected. The benefits of heat are improved blood circulation and moisture retention.

Mytopface: For the Signature Facial, what products are used on the skin?

Marlene Weber: We carry Skinceuticals and Aveda skin care lines, the latter being botancial and Skinceuticals cosmeceutical. Our aestheticians use whatever is needed for that guest in that service, based on their skins needs at the time and we discuss products to our guests to help their product choice.

Mytopface: When our expert then switched to her session of a Deep Tissue Massage, she chose the massage type “middle deep,” performed by Mellissa Curran. For readers curious to know what other kinds of massage types are available, please elaborate.

Marlene Weber Massage

Marlene Weber: In addition to our classic massage which is a generalized massage for relaxation and muscle fatigue we offer a pre-natal massage which incorporates a special pregnancy body pillow so the guest’s tummy can fit onto the pillow allowing her to be face down. (accompanied by a Dr’s note of authorization).

We also offer a stress fix massage using the stress fix body products from Aveda which are proven to reduce feelings of stress with certified organic lavender, lavendin, and clary sage from the french alps.

We too offer a Chakra Balancing massage which begins with an opening ritual of Aveda Chakra balancing blends with deep tissue massage, Chakra reflexology, and a guided meditation and energy work.

Lastly, we have aromatherapy, deep tissue, stone therapy, and foot treatments.

Mytopface: When choosing a massage type, what should a consumer keep in mind?

Marlene Weber: First, what is the reputation of the business, the massage therapist, and are they licensed by the state they are practicing in. Secondly, do they have a specific need? Is it to feel better? If so, what hurts? It is up to the guest to fully disclose their health issues and areas they need worked on to the therapist. Is it just to relax? Then choose a relaxing massage. If heat is an issue, request the table heater be turned off ahead of time. Keep in mind most therapists require you to undress completely, but most therapists will work with you if you are shy. Have an aversion to be massaged by a particular sex? Then speak up when scheduling an appointment so you can avoid an awkward moment upon arrival.

Mytopface: When receiving a massage is there a set standard on how the massage must be executed, or can a consumer take charge and direct a technician on what he or she would like the technician to focus on?

Marlene Weber: Absolutely! If after a thorough consultation in which you expressed your concerns and areas you would like worked on and you feel the service is not going as planned then yes, speak up and ask the therapist to do what you need. I often get on the table and think I need an overall massage only to find that what I really need is deep tissue work on my shoulders back and feet! I often won’t even turn over because my back is so needy! It is the guest’s time in the treatment room and their money and body, ao we highly advice every guest to speak up and give the therapist all concerns so they may do their best!

Marlene Weber facial

Mytopface: Blood circulation is a big plus when receiving a massage. What other benefits can one benefit from after receiving a massage from your staff of technicians?

Marlene Weber: In addition to the feelings of being comforted, cared for, and connected to another human being, touch from massage can aid in helping with anxiety. Fibromyalgia pain, headaches, sports injuries, stomach issues and some joint issues can also be worked on by our team.

Mytopface: Hudson Valley Magazine praised your Salon for being, and we quote, “The Best Day Spa in the Hudson Valley,” to whom or what do you owe your success?

Marlene Weber: I would have to say the love of my business, curiosity for what’s new, and next for my business and education. I go to as many business classes, trade shows, and seminars as I can fit into my schedule. I work with a business coach from time to time and I am always reinventing myself according to the demands of my clients and the changes and advances in the industry.

Mytopface: Aside from the extensive menu of services you provide such as facials, massages, hair, nails, wax, and more, will there be any additional services added onto the menu any time soon?

Marlene weber day salon

Marlene Weber: We offer over 70 services right now so it seems like we have plenty, but we are always looking at new services and offerings for our guests. We are now looking into restoring hair through PRP hair restoration, a technology using proteins from your own plasma.

Mytopface: With there being just one successful Marlene Weber location, the world needs a few more! Do you plan on opening any new locations in the distant or near future?

Marlene Weber: Being a Gemini, I have always had more than one thing going at a time. I worked in NYC as a freelance stylist and makeup artist for TV, print, and film while I had a salon upstate. Having been there and done that, I had two salons going at once in 2003 through 2009, not the best time, but we opened when the war began and closed with the economy crash! I now have 40 employees under one roof and they are all I need at this time!

Mytopface: Lastly, with your extensive knowledge, are there any secret beauty tips you can share with our readers about the importance of keeping up with your appearance?

Marlene Weber: These are not secret beauty tips but are my tried and true. Drink a lot of water, exercise as often as possible, eat more vegetables, less carbs and meats, and do not deny yourself the joys of chocolate! I also am a fan of excellent beauty products that work which is why I am a fan of Aveda, Moroccan Oil, and Skinceuticals. When all else fails injectables are awesome!

Marlene Weber salon

Summer is soon coming to an end, and a perfect way to end it is with a relaxing day spa experience. Thank you to Marlene and her awesome team of individuals who strive to make any and every guest walk in and leave more relaxed and confident than ever. 

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