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MDNA Skin Care – Three Must Haves For This Fall

MDNA Skin The Reinvention Cream

Today we are going to talk about something truly unique and special called MDNA skin. You probably heard Madonna and her album MDNA. This outstanding brand MDNA Skin was created by three M’s – queen of pop music Madonna, Montecatini – a world-renowned Italian spa, and MTG – Japanese innovation beauty company.

Montecatini is a resort town that has a long history back to the Roman Empire, located in Tuscany, Italy. Wounded soldiers would come to town to soak in its healing thermal springs that were known for speed recovery properties, and especially effective in treating skin diseases. In the 18th century, several treatment facilities were built around the springs and already over 150 years, this place attracts people around the world. Montecatini’s thermal waters rich with minerals and nutrients and is one of the ingredients of the MDNA Skin products.

From the available range of products at MDNA skin for our test and review we chose The Eye Mask, The Reinvention Cream, and The Face Wash.

The Eye Mask – is an Anti-Inflammatory Eye Mask with Moisture-Intensive Sea Actives & Orange Essence. One of the main ingredients of the product is exclusive HOLY WATER, which is a blend of mineral-rich thermal waters of Montecatini, that hydrate, nourish and bring healthy natural glow.

The citric acid helps to dimish dark circles and fine lines, while hyaluronic acid brings calming, hydrating, antioxidant properties that are great for all skin types. The Thermus Thermophilus ferment help to moisturize, strengthen, and improve the elasticity of the skin.

MDNA Skin The Eye Mask

The Eye Mask is very soft and gentle on skin. As per Madonna’s tip, before testing, our expert kept eye masks in the freezer. The result was simply amazing – it really did feel like the mask was melting into the skin and it was moisturized through the whole 30-minute session. The around the eye area was de-puffed, soothed and felt great.

The next MDNA product to try was Reinvention Cream – a moisturizing gel-cream, that helps to boost skin plumpiness and natural glow.

The Reinvention Cream

The main ingredients of the Cream are Holy Water, Ressurection Plant Extracts – a blend of Rose of Jericho, Myrothamnus Flabellifolia and Haberlea Rhodopensis that promote hydration and reduce stress effects on the skin. The Vegan Squalane – a non-comedogenic oil that anti-aging effects and promote soft skin texture. Tangerine Extract, Bergamot Oil, Lavender Oil are powerful antioxidant essences.

MDNA Reinvention Cream

You can apply the cream as a mask and also use it on the neck and decollete area. The cream absorbs really well into the skin providing plumping hydration.

The Face Wash – Brightening Cleanser & Makeup Remover, based on mineral-rich HOLY WATER and infused with alpha hydroxy acids and active botanicals. Main ingredients of the product are the Amino BPA: a blend of plant-derived alpha and beta hydroxy and amino acids to boost natural glow. Jujube Fruit, Jojoba Leaf, Willow Bark & Raspberry Extract – are powerful antioxidant botanicals, Malic Acid – brightening and rejuvenating fruit acid, Tumeric – promotes anti-inflammatory properties and help to achieve glowing skin. Mint, rosemary, geranium and lime notes energize the skin.

MDNA The Face Wash

Madonna suggests massaging The Face Wash into the dry skin before adding water, but you can also dispense a little wash in the palm of your hand and add a little water to create a gentle foam. Then apply to your skin removing all the makeup in a single session.

MDNA Skin is a truly amazing products thatlets you feel a mix of ancient ingredients and modern technology on your skin. The products provide high quality and fast results and feel great on the skin. While testing MDNA Skin our expert reported that she felt as good as visiting Montecatini spa.


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