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Microcurrent Facial at Inderma Studio

Inderma Studio Microcurrent Facial

One week before the Oscars all celebrities look for the treatments which help them look gorgeous on cameras. This time we have tested one of the Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian favorite treatment – Microcurrent. We visited Inderma Studio and asked Owner main questions about this amazing treatment!

Tell us more about your practice, what inspired you to get into beauty industry?

Since I was a young girl I have been enamored with beauty and what it means for a woman to move through this world with confidence. From paging through Glamour in the check-out line to experiment with makeup and beauty products in the Britney Spears era (mistakes were made…). As I grew older I started to ask more questions and found that I couldn’t find the information I wanted about the products I was using and made the decision that I would make this my career. I came to New York to learn from the original experts of natural beauty products at The Aveda Institute. Since then I’ve been very fortunate to learn from some great women about many different treatments, techniques, and products. In the summer of 2017, I set out to create my own esthetics haven. A place centered around helping people really build healthy, resilient and beautiful skin. As a result, Inderma Studio (from the Latin Dermis/skin) was born. The Studio in the Flatiron Neighborhood of New York is centrally located for everyone whether they’re uptown, downtown, or Brooklyn. I’ve tried to create a space that is welcoming, with fresh cut flowers, candles, and a balanced positive energy. I start every treatment with a check-in with my client to see where they’re at, what skin concerns they have, what they’re excited about, etc. from there we go to work. I only professional grade organic products and sustainable non-invasive techniques. We need every session with a little education sharing with the client tips and tricks for great skin at home.
How does Microcurrent work?
Microcurrent works by simulating the brains own electrical current to strengthen and tone the facial muscles. System which was developed by CACI works by transmitting a soft electrical current to the muscles of the face. This current give your face a Pilates session which fosters collagen and elastin levels, nurtures cellular health by boosting mitochondrial activity giving your skin more energy and elasticity.
Microcurrent therapy
How did you prepare MyTopFace expert skin before Microcurrent procedure? 
MyTopFace expert had The Ultimate facial which is my most comprehensive service. I tucked her into my heated bed, turned on the steamer to open pores, and began the treatment with an oil cleanse from Environ to gently remove excess oils and make-up from the skin, followed by a facial massage with Environ gentle cream cleanser. I removed the cleansers with a hot towel and then applied the Environ clay masque to assist with skin preparation by micro-exfoliating the skin while hydrating and refining the appearance of the skin. After a few minutes of masking and neck/decollete massage, I began light extractions to clean her pores. Next, I applied the Klei Beauty Nourish mask which is soothing containing honey, banana, rose and coconut milk. Then used a high-frequency wand to enhance blood circulation, eliminate acne-causing bacteria and eliminate toxins. After that, I used Cryo Globes to calm her skin of any redness from the extractions and they feel amazing as they are kept in the freezer. Then onto the main event… microcurrent! I performed the treatment on half of her face, passed her a mirror to see the immediate side by side improvements, and continued to the second side. I gave her forehead some extra attention as she was expressing a dislike of fine lines. I ended the service by covering her face with the Celluma LED therapy on the wrinkle reduction setting. Final hydration and protection using Environ hyaluronic acid, Malin and Goetz rice bran eye moisturizer, Glossier mint balm dot com and Image SPF 50.
How/when do you know that Microcurrent service is the right procedure for the client?
Microcurrent is an amazing option for anyone looking to slow or prevent the effects of aging, the only people who should avoid the treatment are those with a pacemaker or who’ve recently had cosmetic injections. The treatment works by using gentle electrical current to tone and strengthen the facial muscles giving the skin a more pliant and relaxed look, softening wrinkles and promoting and sustaining collagen levels in the dermis.
microcurrent facial led
How many sessions are needed to achieve the result?
All my clients see results immediately after each visit but like any “workout” the results are cumulative and the more regular you can make the time to get the treatments the better and more long-lasting the results will be. Microcurrent uses gentle electrical pulses that mimic the nerve impulses sent to your facial muscles causing them to rapidly expand and contract both lengthening and strengthening the muscle fibers which improves circulation, tone, and collagen levels.
20’s: As needed, at least every six to eight weeks.
Early 30’s: Weekly for four to six weeks, maintenance once a month thereafter.
Late 30’s: Twice per week for two months, maintenance once a month thereafter.
40’s: Three treatments per week for one to two months depending one skin elasticity, monthly maintenance thereafter.
50’s: Three treatments per week for one to two months, at least monthly treatments thereafter. More visits depending on desired results.
60+: Three treatments per week for two months, at least monthly treatments thereafter. More visits depending on desired results.
Does Microcurrent hurt?
Not at all! I use an Aloe Vera conductive gel and cotton tips dipped in water to stop clients from feeling any discomfort. At most you might feel a little tingle or a soft tapping feeling.
Is Microcurrent service fit all skin types?
Yes! Microcurrent is great for almost everyone. It should only be avoided by those with a pacemaker or other implants affected by electromagnetic fields.
microcurrent facial
What are pre and post care with Microcurrent session?
Pre-care is to avoid any harsh chemical peels or injections at least 2 weeks before treatment. Post care is just to love your skin and keep it protected and hydrating.

What’s your personal beauty hack for glowing skin?


At home I frequently mask. Right now I’m loving the Glossier galaxy pack, Gummy sheet masks and Tata Harper resurfacing mask. In the mornings I apply a Rosehip oil and use either my rose quartz Gua Sha tool or selenite roller to massage my face and neck. It feels amazing and re-energizes my face while detoxifying the lymph.
What’s your favorite service and why?
My favorite service is The Ultimate as it’s more in depth. I really get to know my clients and their skin while giving them the most attention. The Microcurrent is great for a quick pick me up when pores are clear. I just started offering dermaplaning and added a new treatment- The Glow which is dermaplaning, oxygenation spray and LED therapy. I’m really excited about it.

MyTopFace expert reported that skin produced more collagen and look healthy and glowing after few days of her visit.Its the bIt’s alternative for women who afraid of fillers and would like to prevent the first signs of aging avoid Dysport or Botox. Also, it helps to look younger for whom looking supporting therapy for skin after fillers. We love Inderma studio design, location, owner and treatment itself, we definitely recommend trying this service!

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Enjoy awesome skin, everybody!


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