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MUTHA – Stretch Mark Killer


MUTHA is a unique brand, created by a Mother for Mothers to take care of stretch marks and dry skin. At MyTopFace we believe that this is one of the best approaches to beauty – you can only create the best products and treatments if you create them for the problems you personally faced

You probably already know that Mutha sounds like (and is) the word Mother. After testing the products from the brand and being amazed with the quality and the results, we had to interview the Mom in charge of the MUTHA – Hope Smith.

– Hope, we are amazed by Mutha products! Could you tell us how Mutha brand was born?

I have stretch marks from puberty and every female in my family has them from pregnancy. I wanted to avoid them or minimize them. I was told the key to preventing stretch marks was covering my belly and chest in La Mer 2x per day and then wrapping my La Mer covered body in cellophane at night. I ordered the HUGE tub of La Mer Face Creme and halfway through the night, ripped the cellophane off my body. It was so uncomfortable! I knew there had to be something luxury that was nourishing, but also natural. Something with no filler, something that put heavy amounts of the expensive ingredients first on the INCI. My kitchen became a science lab of raw ingredients. I couldn’t find what I needed so I made it myself. At the end of both pregnancies, I was stretch mark free and had improved the texture of my existing stretch marks. I started sending to a society of friends and friends of friends by request.

MUTHA Body Butter

– How can you be a successful entrepreneur and wonderful mom, what’s your secret?

I prepare and organize my day down to the minute. If I’m late, I get anxiety, and to avoid that feeling, I prep everything so mornings are not rushed but enjoyed.

– Do you personally prefer body butter or oil?
Oil first then Butter!

– Will there be more Mutha products?

More MUTHA products coming in 2020 Spring.

– What’s the beauty mission of the Mutha brand?

We’re on a mission to nurture you. Here’s why—when you feel your best, you unapologetically radiate that power and love to those around you—especially to your children, whether they’re little or not so little. To be your best as a mother, you have to take care of yourself first. Yet, we struggle to find the time and space to give our bodies what that they deserve. That’s why MUTHA™ is here. To help you take the reins. Put your body on a pedestal and care for you, as you do your crew.

– Do you believe that skin exfoliation helps with cellulite and stretch marks and good to use along with Mutha products?

MUTHA Hope Smith

My favorite is at home micro-needling of the entire body with the GloPRO Body Microneedling tool sold at @VioletGrey and then slathering on the Body Oil afterward. It’s helped me with my stretch mark.

– What are your beauty tips for moms or moms to be?

Pregnancy and postpartum can be both an empowering and vulnerable time. I want to convey that these feelings are okay and normal. The term is called Matrescence. It’s okay not to recognize the new you. Not only was a baby born, but so was a Mother.

MUTHA Body Oil is a powerful moisturizing product made with natural ingredients such as essential vitamins, seed oils, fruit oils & extracts. The body oil is fast-absorbing making it extremely easy to use, soothe irritated skin, prevent fine lines, and stress from the environment.

The MUTHA Body Oil fits all skin types, it is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin. The oil is for all ages and can be used by both men and women.

MUTHA Body Butter MyTopFace

The MUTHA Body Butter is a mix of whipped shea, cocoa, and mango butter, along with vitamins, fatty acids, and pure seed extracts. The product provides moisture to your skin taking care of dry skin, improving the texture, removing the stretch marks and sealing the moisture within.

MUTHA Body Oil MyTopFace

Body Oil & Body Butter are great to use together or separately.
We are huge fans of MUTHA products, are you?


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