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Nail Extensions at Prime Beauty Studio

Nail Extensions

MyTopFace has already visited Prime Lash Studio for lash extensions and this time we’re coming back for nail extensions. The normal manicure can fall off next day, the gel mani can stay few days up to a week or longer in some cases depending on how accurate and careful you will be with your nails. For those who are looking for a long-term solution or simply don’t have time to visit a salon once a week nail extension is the best option.

Nail extension procedure is different from a normal manicure and has its pro’s and con’s which we are going to discuss in our interview with manicure specialist Sasha.

– How long does the procedure of nail extension take?
The nail extension procedure usually takes around 2,5-4 hours

– How long can you wear extended nails?
You can wear nail extensions until they break or need a correction.
– What is a correction and why do you need it?
Correction of nail extensions is repairing of artificial cover – the purpose of which is to add material to the overgrown section, to change the design, shape, and length . To make the nails look well-groomed and attractive – this procedure is recommended to be done every 2-4 weeks
– What’s your favorite brand in the nail industry and why?

If we talking about gel color, I am in love with f.o.x and Oxxi, both brands made in the USA.

– What is better for extension: gel or acryl?

There is no big difference between gel and acrylic. Both products are different versions of plastic. The only difference is that Acryl has a stronger smell.

Nail Extensions Before
– What is the difference between the extensions tips and forms?
Tips – are specific plastic plates, fixed on natural nails.

Forms are disposable substrates made of paper.

Forms serve as an auxiliary tool for building up and are removed immediately after work. Tips – work the same way but remain on the nail until the end of wearing.
The forms are the relatively new trend, while tips have been used for more than 15 years.
– Is nail extension dangerous?
Both acrylic and gel are materials from dentistry and safe for public use. It is not the material you should be worrying about, but the professionality of the nail master.
– How to take care of extended nails?
– In the first two days after extension, you can not go to a sauna or hot bath.
– Washing dishes or floors is best done with gloves to avoid contacts with water for a long time or chemicals.
– Do not tap on the table or other surfaces with your nails.

– Use steaming instead of water baths to remove cuticles.

Nail Extensions After

– Can people have an allergy to nail extensions?

– How to remove nail extensions?
The nail extensions can be removed by nails specialist using special tools.

– Does nail extension procedure make nails weaker?
Everything is very individual. A lot depends on your health and hormonal background. Some people may have no issues, while others may have weaker nails after extension.
Our expert reported that it’s been 5 days since she did nail extensions at Prime Beauty Studio . The nails sit perfectly, they didn’t get damaged and survived daily showers.


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