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Naruko NRK Far East Skincare

Far East Skincare is Far Out!

Here at MyTopFace we have been watching the Asian skincare market take off. The whole world wants to know what the secrets are for such balanced young-looking skin. So we decided to try Naruko NRK Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair Mask. Wait. What did we just say? YES! Snail Essence!

Sounds crazy, but after some research we discovered that this type of skin treatment was actually first used in ancient Greece and has been rediscovered by the Asian skincare market. Brilliant!

Naruko NRK Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair Mask

We were a little squirmish at MyTopFace to try something that includes snail essence, but we loved the idea of hydrating and improving blemishes like scars and wrinkles. So we ripped open the pack on this sheet mask and were first struck by how moist the mask felt. It was like a gel mask, which we already know are great to combat signs of age and dryness.

It was easy to use, and afterwards the faces at MyTopFace looked brighter and less dull. Were were impressed with the results and decided that snails are pretty awesome for sharing their hydrating essence.

Not only is the NRK Snail Essence Intense Hydra Repair Mask a wonderful feeling mask, it is quite moderately priced and paraben free! And we love the cute pink box with the city snail.
MyTopFace Hack: The packet is full of gooey goodness, so don’t be afraid to scoop out any extra gel and put on any trouble spots like your elbow, knees or even just your neck.

Another product MyTopFace discovered in the Asian market is AM+PM Skincare All Day No Shine Sebum Balancer. This may be new term for some. We were not sure what sebum was and initially thought perhaps it was a mistake and it was a serum. But alas, we were educated and now realize just how important this product is for any skin type, although it is primarily targeted at oily and combination skin.

Sebum is a substance that is produced naturally and helps to moisturize and protect our skin. It is like our own body’s lotion. Whoever we are often busy and on the go. Not drinking enough water to keep us hydrated, and next thing you know our skin is out of whack. Balance. It is what we all strive for in work, school, relationships, diet… and in skincare!

The AM+PM Skincare All Day No Shine Sebum Balance does exactly what it says. It balances your shine and keeps it shine-free all day. It’s another win win!

It is a smooth clear serum with a light pleasant scent. It goes on effortlessly and dries quickly so you can continue with your regular skincare routine. At MyTopFace we discovered that even though the packaging says for oily/combinatin skin, it was a welcome change for some with dry/sensitive skin as well.

We look forward to discovering more unique products from our friends in the East.

Naruko Rosemary Cool Revistalizing Shampoo

Now that our faces are in tip top shape, let’s move up to our hair. MyTopFace experts have tried many shampoos and Naruko Rosemary Cool Revistalizing Shampoo is one of the best. Why? Because as they state, it is a 5-in-1 comprehensive shampoo that helps to prevent any scalp itchiness,strengthen hair, give hair volume, moisturize the scalp and of course cleanse.

Packed with ginger, Vitamin B5, mint, and rosemary this shampoo is full of natural ingredients and delivers a clean scalp and healthy hair. It is recommended for people with oily hair, dry scalp or split ends. But even if that isn’t you, there is no reason not to try. Some of us at MyTopFace tried this and loved it.

Our experts especially enjoyed the tingling feeling and felt very refreshed afterwards. It’s the perfect shampoo to wake you up. There is no flowery scent, very natural and fresh. Perfect for both men and women.

The MyTopFace team will be trading cups of coffee in the morning for an eye opening shower and washing our hair with Naruko Rosemary Cool Revistalizing Shampoo.


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