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Things to Remember When Applying Natural Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

natural eye makeup for brown eyes

Not everyone is a fan of heavy eye makeup. As a matter of fact, heavy eye makeups are for special occasions like costume parties and presentations. But what if you are just going to the office or to the mall? Should you still wear heavy eye makeup?

Heavy eye makeup is not suitable for everyday use. You will only attract people’s attention, but not in a positive way. They will look at you because your eye makeup isn’t suitable for the location or they will think that you are a dragged queen. If you don’t like to get that kind of attention (and if you have brown eyes) then you should try natural eye makeup for brown eyes.

natural eye makeup for brown eyes

Natural or regular eye makeup is perfect for everyday use. It accentuates the beauty of your eyes, even with a little touch of the eye makeup. People will start to notice you not because of inappropriate eye makeup, but because of the beauty of your brown eyes.

Things to Remember before Applying Natural Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Before you put on a regular eye makeup, you need to choose the shades of the eye shadow that you should use. A shade of an eye shadow varies according to your skin tone. There are dark eye shadows and there are also light eye shadows. If you are aiming for a natural look for your eyes, you need to consider your skin tone.

For darker skin complexion, a darker shade will help you achieve that look. You can also use warm colors to give a sultry look to your eyes.

For those with a fairer skin complexion, lighter shades are the ones you should use. Go for soft colors to give a natural look.

How to Apply Natural Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

Getting an eye makeup that looks natural is quite easy. You just need a concealer, an eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara.

Put a primer on your eyelid. It will help to hold the makeup for hours. Next is, you need to apply an eye shadow. Use a lighter tone of eye shadow as it will serve as your base. Apply it all over eyelid until you are satisfied. Put a darker shade above the first layer. Do a windshield movement when applying the second layer. Blend the two shades together to get a natural look.

Apply eyeliner. There are three types of eyeliners—eye pencil, liquid and gel. If you want to get a natural look, use black eye pencil. Apply the eye liner on the eyelid above the water line. Make it as thin as possible to achieve a much simpler look. Use mascara to stretch out your eyelashes. Start from the roots, shake the mascara brush from left to right then pull it up. Do the same procedure until you are contented.

But if you still like a more natural look, mascara will do it for you.  You don’t need to apply anything. Mascara will help your eyes more attractive since the lashes are elongated.



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