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We are back at it with our love for natural beauty and health products. Our experts have also been obsessing over products that promise to plump our skin, giving us that glow we miss from our youth. After our successful experience with The Derm Diva last week we have been playing with other products that can bring us back our lost skin plump and give us a little bit more brightness where maybe we have been lacking. When we heard about the Meli GLOW mask we were intrigued. This product promises to give you a brighter and more full / plumped look to your completion at home with organic and natural products. The Meli GLOW Mask from Leahlani Skincare is a natural product that packs a major punch! With tons of active ingredients that work towards the same goal of plumping and polishing your skin. We were excited to get this our hands on this mask and try it for ourselves!

Leahlani Meli Glow Mask

Last week we learned more about fillers and them being made of hyaluronic acid. In fillers, this acts to bring back water and fluids to the skin to give your complexion that full healthy look. Typically this product can have similar restorative properties. As we age our skin begins to lose this naturally occurring aspect to our completion leaving us with less elasticity and causing deep set wrinkles. Among its many other ingredients, we noticed that Leahlani’s Meli GLOW mask boasted a healthy dose of this acid, leaving us excited that this product could give us some filling results without the doctors’ office.

We prep our skin for this mask with our favorite cleanser and we were ready to start. We apply 2 tablespoons of this mask and spread it generously over our face and onto our neck. This mask is different in texture than most others we have tried. It is very sticky and maintains the properties of its honey base. You can really smell all of the organic ingredients that make this mask so special. It has a sweet and fruity aroma that really does take us to a Hawaiian getaway!

leahlani glow mask

The Organic Hawaiian Raw Honey thoroughly helps cleanse the skin and dissolve bacteria. It also contains gluconic acid, a mild alpha hydroxy acid that helps to brighten the skin, fade age spots and even out the skin tone. Next, comes the rose clay that boasts this masks mild exfoliation and increases circulation. Rose clay also is known to reduce inflammation and tighten pores. Rosehip fruit works at improving lost elasticity and evening out skin tone. There are tons of other fruits and oils such as Argan, Avocado Oil, Grapefruit, Guava and more that assist in collagen production, tightening of pores and more! We imagine this mask as a superfood smoothie for your skin to eat up!

After 20 minutes with this mask on our faces, we wash our face clean. This takes a bit of effort as the honey texture is tricky to get off. But wow are the results worth it. Instantly there is a glow and plumpness to our completion we didn’t see minutes before. The main change we found was with our pore size around our nose and on our cheeks. The uneven nature of our completion in this area was totally fixed. The size of our pores on our forehead was also reduced and gave the area a plumped and smooth look. Some of our fine lines that have begun to form on our forehead softened as well!  While of course, we didn’t have the experience of targeted plumping that we did with the fantastic Cristina, we did feel that our completion boasted a fuller more bright look with fine lines being softened and rough areas being soothed. We found this effect to last a few days after the mask application as well!

Harmless Coconut Probiotic Drink

Something else we have been enjoying of late and wanted to note is Harmless Harvests Harmless Coconut Probiotics and Harmless Coconut Water. As we have previously noted one our MTF beauty experts has a sensitive stomach and stays on a raw/ vegan diet for the most part and is always looking for a yummy way to sooth her stomach.

Harmless Harvest Coconut Water

She is also vitamin obsessed and makes sure to take supplements for anything she might be missing due to her restrictive diet. Harmless Coconut Probiotics have become our new favorite way to get our daily dose of these important live cultures. If you aren’t familiar with probiotics its important that you listen up! Taking daily probiotics can help aid in digestion and make sure your system is working at tip top speed. This new product from Harmless Coconut is the perfect way to get your probiotics on the go. Not to mention its truly delicious coming in a range of flavors all of which we tried and loved. Our favorite was the mango though as it almost tasted like a sweet dessert! Coconut water and meat is also awesome for your skin! It also helps promote hydrated and plump skin as well as Vitamin C production which we love! All at just 150 calories they are an easy addition to your morning or afternoon routine!

MTF Beauty Hack: If you are a green smoothie person this drink can act as a perfect base for making them with a bit of an added heath bonus!

harmless harvest probiotics

In all, we really loved these two products and will be back for more. The Meli GLOW mask is a wonderful addition to our mask rotation when our pores are feeling a little on the larger size and we need a little plump to our skin. Just be sure to really wash your face after and we would also recommend using a headband to keep the mask out of your hair. We will be adding the mask to our routine 2 times a week going forward and are excited to try more of the Leahlani product line!  We have also really enjoyed the Probiotic drinks from Harmless Harvest and will add them into our routine in addition to our normal vitamin regimen.


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