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NEWA Nutrition Healthy Desserts

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Our beauty in many cases is affected by what we eat, trying to eat more vegetables and healthy foods are helpful, but sometimes you need to completely take something off your diet or reduce to a minimum. Today we are going to talk about sugar – that we all love. Even if you don’t eat pure sugar and have your coffee unsweetened – you still eating it as it’s a popular ingredient in many products, including bread or even meat. Our body does not need more than 9 spoons of sugar a day, and most of us get this amount without taking sugar directly.

But…what if you like sweets and can’t imagine your life without them? Yes, we tried all possible replacements for sugar, but let’s be honest, most of them don’t taste as good, some are even a little bitter. To keep your beauty strong and healthy without affecting the list of foods that you like to eat daily we have found this awesome company called NEWA Nutrition.

NEWA stands for Natural – Energy – Wellness – Active. NEWA Nutrition is a company that specializes in low calorie, no sugar, healthy snacks and desserts and vegan nutrition. What can be better than a healthy dessert? Among NEWA products you can find a variety of different sweets with no sugar, so to give it a proper test we chose: Condensed Milk, Chocolate Pudding, Ice Cream, and Chocolate Cupcakes.

The products come in beautiful resealable bags, that are easy to use and fast to do. Our first product to try was the Chocolate Cupcakes!

The Protein Cupcake Mix Choco is a not your simple snack, but a healthy rich high-protein dessert mix that is fiber rich. To make 10 cupcakes you just need to mix the powder with one glass of water (250ml), pour into forms and bake for 25 minutes! You can even make a cake with it. It tasted a little different from the cupcakes you got used to eat…they have more flavor and no sugar! This is an awesome dietary dessert you wish for and you can eat as much as you want.

Newa Nutrition Protein Cupcake Mix

The Sugar-Free Condensed Milk is something out of this world. Have you ever tried condensed milk with no sugar? Neither did we! Condensed milk is a mix of sugar and milk and there is no other way to make condensed milk, however, NEWA added some magic inside and made it with no sugar. At all. Being a little skeptical the expert tried a pinch of the powder itself and it already tasted right. To make this one you will need a mixer, combine powder mix with water 1/3 and mix it until incorporated, for 3 to 5 minutes. It is better to let it stay in the fridge for a while, but its exactly same condensed milk as you used to. For those who like extra sweet – you can pour it over your just made cupcakes.

Newa Nutrition Condensed Milk

For those who like their cupcakes in a liquid form, NEWA makes Chocolate Pudding Protein Mix! The mix is similar to the Chocolate Cupcake and tastes just as great! Add water or milk to the powder ratio 1 to 3 and mix until fully incorporated and let it stay in the fridge until it gets thick. In about an hour take it out and …mmm enjoy!

Newa Nutrition Pudding Protein Mix

The expert noted that she always wanted to try to make an ice-cream at home, so she was very happy to try a Protein Ice Cream Mix Vanilla. It works exactly the same way and comes in a form a powder. Just take a water or milk with a 1 to 3 ratio and mix it for 5-7 minutes and pour blend in the ice-cream forms or simply in a pan. The next step is to put it in the freezer and let it stay for a couple of hours until mixture freezes completely. When ready, take your favorite ice-cream scoop to add some berries and enjoy! It tastes just like a vanilla ice-cream you got used to eating, but a little better and it has no sugar.

Newa Nutrition Ice Cream Protein Mix

What can we say – we did not expect these products to be that good, as usually replacing sugar with healthy ingredients usually also replaces taste, however, it is not the case with NEWA!

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