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Nanokeratin System ReSmooth Nullify All Hair Complications

Nanokeratin ReSmooth

Nanokeratin ReSmooth

Princess Kate and Prince William are not the only ones free to treat themselves like royalty. Our Mytopface Experts do, and so can you. Whether it’s your hair, your skin, your social life, or your beauty care routine, you have the right to do right by yourself. One special brand that believes in special treatment is Nanokeratin System. When considered royalty, like the Queens and Kings we are, your hair must lie untouched and with not a single strand out of place. Nanokeratin’s ReSmooth was made to protect and work well with all hair types and textures to settle frizz, smooth hair, add elasticity, shine, and to reconstruct your strands to be as manageable as possible. If you gaze at the ingredient list of most hair products, the list is as long as a shakespearean play, or even longer than your beauty products wishlist. The ingredient list of ReSmooth consists of a handful of harmless ingredients, and that’s what we call quality that everyone deserves.

The creamy texture of this product sits nicely on your hair as opposed to gunky or runny, like other hair products. The complementary pump more easily allows for you to use the product more efficiently than banging the product out of the container. Trust me, we have all been there before. Here are some details, just to be more specific, to give you a better understanding of what our experts experienced with this hair care product.

  • Progressive hair smoothing with every use without heating
  • Soft Smoothing & Frizz Control
  • Enhancing fibre alignment
  • Curly & Wavy hair relaxation
  • Reducing friction between hair strands for freedom of movement
  • Constructing outer foundation – forming outer layer to protect hair and making it shiny
  • Forming solid inner layer to seal nourishing nutrients inside hair
  • Encouraging hair growth

NanoKeratin ReSmooth

All it takes is ten easy steps to properly use your new hair-enhancer.

1. Rinse or shampoo your hair

2. Absorb water from hair using towel

3. Pump ReSmooth onto your hand according to following table

· Short Hair/Bob – 2 pumpings

· Medium Hair – 3 pumpings

· Long Hair – 4 pumpings

· Very Long Hair – 5 pumpings

4. Rub hands until having transparent texture

5. Apply evenly throughout hair from your roots to your tips, using your hands

6. Comb your hair

7. Detangle your hair completely

8. Leave it on your hair until it is 100% dry

9. Style your hair

10. Love yourself, the product, and your hair!

With those easy ten steps you will love the feel of your hair more so now than you did ever before. The best part about this product is that you can use it several times a day, every day. Nanokeratin recommends using this Smoother before any sun, sea, or pool exposure. Once you are out of your shower, you can easily detangle your hair with Nanokeratin’s Befri Brush. It is super lightweight, simple to use, and looks funky! Our experts found it super easy to use on both thin and thick hair. You can use it especially when you are detangling!

Nanokeratin soft smooth

While you are treating your hair like royalty, Aspire Clothing Inc. has gear to let everyone know you are royalty. Our experts rocked Queen Of Everything gear that had all eyes on us! Their Queen Of Everything Tank Top is perfect for those hot beach days and their Queen Of Everything Sweatshirt is perfect for those windy beach nights while your newly-smoothed hair is flowing in the wind. Better yet, you can wear it into fall, and definitely winter! Basically all-year round.


We grabbed our new articles of clothing, our new hair care product, and strutted everywhere feeling and looking fabulous! Our experts want you to do the same, while feeling as prominent as ever!


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